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Action on NRTA discussed by western treaty nations.

The western treaty nations gathered in Prince Albert Aug. 6-9 where discussion centred around the Natural Resources Transfer Agreement, which shifted control of Crown land and natural resources from the federal government to the provincial governments in 1930.

"One thing is certain at this point, we are not asking the governments to begin the revenue sharing agenda, as we are going ahead and dealing with industry with or without the governments of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and Canada. We still have the rights we inherited from our ancestors to proceed in this manner," said Brian Hardlotte, Vice-Chief of the Prince Albert Grand Council. The input from Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba First Nations was compiled and will go to the third summit in Alberta in 2013, where a draft document will be drawn up and voted on.

Complied by Shari Narine

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Title Annotation:SASK BRIEFS; Natural Resources Transfer Agreement
Author:Narine, Shari
Publication:Saskatechewan Sage
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Date:Sep 1, 2012
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