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Action on Llyn Padarn discharges; LETTERS.

MR Martin A Kressman raises issues about Llyn Padarn (letters, 24 May 2012) that require a response.

The algal blooms that have affected the lake are the result of a number of complex issues and Dwer Cymru has been working closely with Environment Agency Wales and other interested parties to seek a way of preventing them in the future.

Dwer Cymru's discharges into Llyn Padarn are treated effluent, from which most nutrients have been removed, and very highly diluted storm discharges during heavy rainfall. All our discharges are compliant with Environment Agency Wales's stringent regulatory requirements. Diffuse pollution, from sources including agriculture and septic tanks, also enter the lake.

We have outlined both short and long term proposals that offer a solution to the situation. Our goal is to reduce further the amount of nutrients entering the lake to lower the risk of algal blooms and protect the arctic char population.

In the short term we aim to reduce the amount of surface water (that is, the rainwater from roofs, roadways and paved surfaces) that enters the sewers around Llanberis. This work is already underway and it is intended to achieve a reduction of up to 15 per cent. We will also improve storm tank operation, to reduce discharges, and introduce additional sewage treatment provision to improve further the quality of any discharges that enter the lake.

Our longer term strategy will see further research into the treatment and removal of phosphates from the system and an investigation into the possible transfer of flows to other wastewater treatment works. We are also exploring options to remove more surface water from the sewer network, as well as decreasing the volumes of storm water that is discharged These are positive steps forward and all interested parties are fully committed to achieving environmental improvements. Dwer Cymru will continue to work closely with Environment Agency Wales and other stakeholders to achieve the most sustainable solution for the benefit of all.

Tony Harrington, Director of Environment, Dwe r Cymru Welsh Water
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 1, 2012
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