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Action agenda for education forged by NLC, Department of Education.

Secretary Lamar Alexander of the U.S. Department of Education and a delegation of NLC officials led by First Vice President Donald Fraser developed a plan of cooperative action for local governments to work with the federal government to further American education.

Fraser and his colleagues expressed pleasure that "Local governments and the federal education system can now work together more effectively." Assistant Secretary Lanny Griffith described the 90-minute discussion as "engagement."

The meeting, a follow-up to the Secretary's speech and brief meeting with NLC officers at the Congress of Cities in Las Vegas, was characterized by agreement that:

[section] there is broad municipal involvement in education;

[section] all levels of government can do more to serve children; and

[section] neighborhoods and communities are key elements to meeting the needs of children.

With these principles as a base, the Secretary and the NLC officials agreed to encourage municipalities to participate in education activities that support readiness to learn, drug and violence free schools, and coordination of services. It is expected that a joint challenge will be issued later this summer and that particular Department of Education support will be offered to those communities that accept the challenge.

NLC and the Department will also work on extending the successes of the challenge by developing a case study book, a training video, and a specialized roundtable workshop at the 1992 Congress of Cities.

In addition to Fraser, NLC was represented by Past President Ferd Harrison, Scotland Neck, N.C.; Board Member Alice Wolf, Cambridge, Mass.; Youth Task Force Chair Carolyn Long Banks, Atlanta, Ga.; Education Task Force Liaison Katie Nack, Pasadena, Calif; Human Development Committee Chair Maryann Mahaffey, Detroit, Mich.; NLC Executive Director Donald Borut; and NLC staff members Janet Quist and John Kyle.
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Title Annotation:National League of Cities
Author:Kyle, John E.
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Jun 22, 1992
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