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Action Bronson, the Half-Jewish Rapping Sous Chef From Queens, Chows Down.

If rappers are the new rock stars, and chefs are the new rap stars, then Action Bronson is the icon that America deservesa 300-pound, Vice-signed, matzo-ball-built, THC-vaporizer-toting, biblically bearded former sous chef turned scatological and surreal rapper. Born in Queens, of a Jewish mother and Albanian father, he is a quick-witter salt of the earth performer who is more apt to use fleur de sel than Morton's.

Blue Chips 2, released this month, is the excellent sequel to last year's similarly excellent original. It's titular inspiration comes from a '90s college basketball corruption saga best remembered for Nick Nolte gifting a tractor to a hayseed recruit from the Bayou named Neon, played by Shaquille O' Neal. It did not spawn a second film, but it indirectly led to the Orlando Magic trading for Penny Hardaway (long story).

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Author:Weiss, Jeff
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Nov 27, 2013
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