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Acting Lessons.

Acting Lessons

John Lehman

Parallel Press

372 Memorial Library, 728 State Street, Madison, WI 53575

9781934795040, $10.00 1-800-636-0071

Acting Lessons is a flat-spined poetry chapbook by magazine publisher and "Wisconsin People & Ideas" poetry editor John Lehman. Written in a unique style that resembles stream-of-consciousness prose more than lyrical poetry, Acting Lessons analyzes the nuances of everyday life with a discerning eye. A thoughtful work, sure to induce the reader to ponder its musings at length. "'Two Years Later: I'm playing a trombone in my college / marching band. It's after the half-time / show and I'm trying to reach my brother / on a cell phone. I frantically search / for his number. It isn't listed under my / contacts nor in an address book (which / I also happen to have). I'm supposed / to meet him somewhere, but I'm here / instead. The crowd is on its feet cheering. / Then I wake up and remember he is dead."
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Publication:Internet Bookwatch
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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