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Actiance's augmented social and mobile app drives the adoption of social selling.

Byline: Amanda Ciccatelli

Compliance has been a hot topic in the social media world lately. In fact, Actiance, a provider of compliance, security, archiving and e-discovery solutions for all critical business communications, has recently introduced Socialite 2015 -- the latest release of its platform that helps organizations manage, compliantly market, and sell through social media channels.

Continuing to make social channels accessible to everyone, Actiance's Socialite 2015 provides a free mobile application and marketing portal and new features, offering deeper functionality to accelerate organizations of all sizes along the social journey. These capabilities empower all users in an organization to leverage the right Socialite package to engage in social selling, share content, build relationships and accelerate business success.


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"Keeping up with the ever changing digital landscape can be a real challenge. Having Socialite as our main social engagement tool enables our financial consultants to engage with clients on a deeper, more personal level," said Logan Buren, digital marketing associate, Hilliard Management Group. "Actiance has been a proven partner that we trust, helping us maintain compliance while keeping our users happy."

Today, Actiance recognizes that the biggest barrier to social communications is adoption, and the fastest uptake happens when people are able to access social in the way they are used to, like through the native site, rather than through portals. Socialite 2015 provides new productivity features that augment the native experience with widgets for a new Content Library, Social Scoring and Life Events. These features are available from the Socialite toolbar atop the native social site, enabling users to easily access approved corporate content, compare their social ranking to their coworkers and be alerted of recent life events without having to switch to a different user interface. Additionally, these widgets can be integrated into line of business, bringing social to the user. For instance, the Content Library widget can be embedded within IBM Connections, allowing users to share trending content while they are working on IBM Connections.

"Near ubiquitous use of social media both within and outside of businesses today drastically increases companies' exposure to new levels of risk. With the benefits of engaging through social channels too great, and the practice of prohibiting social no longer feasible, there is a growing market for social risk and compliance (SRC) solutions," said Nick Hayes, analyst, Forrester Research.

Now, Socialite features Life Event notifications, which provide users with deeper visibility into their customers' and prospects' readiness to purchase. The tools inform users of key life events such as job changes, promotions, relocations and new connections with competitive companies. These alerts arm sellers with additional intelligence to nurture their relationships and offer services quickly.

Further, the new analytics capability enables data visualization and reporting, driving deeper engagement with prospects and customers. In the era of the connected customer, social tools that collect, store, organize and analyze the trail of customer data are critical to the delivery of timely, personalized customer interactions. Marketers can also easily import Socialite datasets directly into Microsoft Excel to further integrate social data into their reporting dashboards.

Also, Socialite includes a plugin to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which comes with a separate message inbox, and messages sent and received from a Sales Navigator account are separate from a user's personal LinkedIn account message boxes. With Socialite, all messages from Sales Navigator accounts are captured and archived, meeting regulatory compliance and governance requirements. In addition, Socialite extends its feature access control capability to provide select access to Sales Navigator, such as disabling a user's ability to comment while allowing them to use the rest of Sales Navigator capabilities.

Actiance has expanded its Socialite product family with the addition of a free mobile application and marketing portal. The mobile application allows users to share pre-approved content and interact with social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter without compromising corporate social media policies. The Socialite Portal accelerates companies along their social journey with a zero investment, high return option for marketers to distribute and syndicate corporate content for salespeople who want to share and engage on public social networks in a way that satisfies strict compliance, legal, and security requirements.

"The convergence of social, analytics, and compliance top market analyst

lists for information governance and privacy concerns in 2015. In the future, there will only be more communications data and new social channels to manage, making compliant social policies paramount," explained Kailash Ambwani, president and CEO, Actiance. "Our mission is to help companies leverage new forms of communications for business success, provide an intuitive experience, and remove any barriers from using social across the enterprise."
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Publication:Inside Counsel Breaking News
Date:Apr 6, 2015
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