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Articles from Acta Scientiarum. Technology (UEM) (January 1, 2019)

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Characterization of different microalgae cultivated in open ponds. Ribeiro, Dagon Manoel; Minillo, Alessandro; Silva, Cinthia Aparecida de Andrade; Fonseca, Gustavo Gr 3804
Development of fuzzy models for asphalt pavement performance. Soncim, Sergio Pacifico; Sa de Oliveira, Igor Castro; Santos, Felipe Brandao 3282
Different doses of sodium monensin on feedlot performance, carcass characteristics and digestibility of Nellore cattle. Pereira, Murillo Ceola Stefano; Rigueiro, Andre Luiz Nagatani; de Oliveira, Cassiele Aparecida; de S 4619
Dynamic experimental analysis of a LiBr/[H.sub.2]O single effect absorption chiller with nominal capacity of 35 kW of cooling. Villa, Alvaro Antonio Ochoa; Dutra, Jose Carlos Charamba; Guerrero, Jorge Recarte Henriquez; dos San 5899
Effect of pomegranate seed oil on fatty acids composition of Oreochromis niloticus trough supplemented diet. Schneider, Vanessa Vivian Almeida; Petenuci, Maria Eugenia; Lopes, Ana Paula; Santos, Vanessa Jorge; 5231
Geomechanical properties of mixtures of iron ore tailings improved with Portland cement. de Oliveira, Tales Moreira; Generoso, Fabio Jose; da Silva, Taciano Oliveira; Sant'Anna, Giovani Lev 3916
High doses of potassium metabisulphite are required to control the growth of native bacteria and yeasts from sugarcane juice. Paraluppi, Anna Livia; Ceccato-Antonini, Sandra Regina 3200
Hydrodynamic dispersion of sodium by equilibrium and non-equilibrium methods through undisturbed sandy soil columns from the Adamantina Formation. de Godoy, Vanessa Almeida; Napa-Garcia, Gian Franco; Zuquette, Lazaro Valentin 5758
Hygroscopic behavior of acerola powder obtained by spray-drying. Ribeiro, Luciana Carneiro; da Costa, Jose Maria Correia; Afonso, Marcos Rodrigues Amorim 4610
Lipopeptide biosurfactant produced by Mucor Circinelloides UCP/WFCC 0001 applied in the removal of crude oil and engine oil from soil. Marques, Nathalia Sa Alencar do Amaral; e Silva, Thayse Alves Lima; Andrade, Rosileide Fontenele da 4240
Mathematical properties, application and simulation for the exponentiated generalized standardized Gumbel distribution. de Andrade, Thiago Alexandro Nascimento; Gomes-Silva, Frank; Zea, Luz Milena 6824
On comparison of approximate solutions for linear and nonlinear schrodinger equations. Korpinar, Zeliha 3382
Prioritization of product-service business model elements at aerospace industry using analytical hierarchy process. Salomon, Maria Fernanda Barbato; Mello, Carlos Henrique Pereira; Salgado, Eduardo Gomes 7665
Purification of phenolic compounds from genipap (Genipa americana L.) extract by the ultrasound assisted ultrafiltration process. Madrona, Grasiele Scaramal; Terra, Natalia Mazzarioli; Filho, Ubirajara Coutinho; Magalhaes, Flavia 6643
The effect of axle load spectra from AASHTO method on flexible pavement performance. dos Santos, Thais Aparecida; da Silva, Carlos Alberto Prado, Jr.; Fontenele, Heliana Barbosa 4177

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