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Acrylics Play Thin-Wall And Antistatic Roles.

Cyro Industries, in Rockaway, N.J., has introduced medical-grade acrylic compounds for thin-wall molding and extrusion, as well as an anti-static grade for electronic parts, devices used in clean rooms, and household appliances.

Cyrolite Med and Cyrolite CG-97 are acrylic multipolymers for medical moldings in thin-wall or multi-cavity molds. Such parts include luers, I.V. connectors, pump and valve parts, and caps and funnels for blood filters. Cyrolite Med is optimized to resist attack by isopropanol and lipids. Clear, ductile, and tough, it is easily solvent-bonded and withstands all major sterilization methods, Cyro says. Cyrolite CG-97 is a clear, toughened grade that resists attack by lipids and plasticizers.

Meanwhile, new Vu-Stat C-37 compound offers permanent anti-static properties and resistance to dust build-up on instruments and electronic parts used in clean rooms, as well as parts of appliances like vacuum cleaners. C-37 also offers ESD protection that is unaffected by relative humidity, surface abrasion, or repeated washing.
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Title Annotation:new compounds from Cyro Industries
Comment:Acrylics Play Thin-Wall And Antistatic Roles.(new compounds from Cyro Industries)
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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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