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Acrylamide mitigation.


DSM has received the approval of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration for the use of PreventASe in several food categories. This acceptance follows a thorough safety examination of PreventASe by the Danish Administration and follows on from the approval by the French authorities in 2007. As a result, PreventASe can now be used for acrylamide mitigation within all member states of the EU without further approvals. In the United States, the US Food and Drug Administration also issued a letter of nonobjection to the GRAS status of PreventASe for its use in food. Furthermore, DSM is proud of the fact that the commercial viability of PreventASe has been proven through its use in the manufacturing process of biscuits in Germany, which are now available for consumers. DSM is confident that, with these developments, industry (whether small or large) now has an established acrylamide mitigation technology available to them for dough-based products, such as bread, biscuits, crackers, formed potato products and cereals. Alexander Wessels, Business Group Director of DSM Food Specialties, stated: "Yet again, DSM has proven its ability and capacity to commercially realize solutions to complex and challenging issues in the food industry. Acrylamide is a matter of concern to all and now industry can respond." Judith Heikoop of DSM Food Specialties added: "We are pleased with the acceptance by the Danish authorities, especially in light of the general desire to find appropriate and practical solutions to reduce the overall dietary exposure to acrylamide."

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