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Acrostic equations.

Anil has been making more alphabetic discoveries in the garden of numbers. As he describes his new work, "Your elegeant TEN = Twenty + Eighty--Ninety in WW 96-179 is perhaps best left unpolluted by more forced examples. But nooo, I couldn't restrain myself from offering a variously flawed set of 0-20. ONE is nearest to perfect, flawed only by using itself in its own definition. No other numbers are spelled solely with letters that begin everyday number names. But mixing initials with Roman numerals (including R = 80) and sometimes using p;owers allows acrostic equations for-0, 5-7, 9, 11, 15-17 and 19. Adding and then subtracting back the same number is a further weakness of 11 and 16-19. For the others (2-4, 8, 12-14, 18 and 20) extreme liberties were invoked, viz., allowing some letters either to stand for most anything or else to be ignored altogether, thus trivializing the problem so much that you may wish to omit these. [My problem is my computer. I can't get it to do certain mathematical symbols, such as superscript, radical, etc. Some of these will have to be left out for that reason only. In my copying of the work below, I used a slash to indicate division and an x to indicate multiplication. Anil used a traditional division sign and a raised dot multiplication sign.--DM]

Using all letters in order

ZERO = Zilch x Eight x R x One

ONE = (One)(Nine-Eight)

TWO = Three Without One

FOUR = Five - One [Unless + R]

SIX = Seventeen - I - X

SEVEN = (Six - Eight - V)(Eight - Nine)

EIGHT = (Eleven - I) Good Helpings - Two)

NINE = Nineteen - I + Nine - Eighteen

TEN = Twenty + Eighty - Ninety [Morice 96-179]

ELEVEN = (Eighty + L - Eighty / V - Eight + Nine

TWELVE = (Two-hundred Without Eight)/(L - V + Eight)

FOURTEEN = (Fifteen - One [Unless Ramified]\Ten + Eight - Eight - Nine)

SEVENTEEN = SEVEN as above times TEEN as in 16

EIGHTEEN = Eight x O Golden Hamsters + Two + Eight)(-Eight + Nine)

NINETEEN = NINE as above times TEEN as in 16

TWENTY = Thirteen With Eight + Nine - Ten, Yes?
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Title Annotation:KICKSHAWS; word play involving numbers
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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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