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Across the nation.

Portland, Ore.

Satirical statements appearing in the state Voters' Pamphlet in September angered supporters of a proposed gay marriage ban. One statement said Oregon should not only bar gays from marrying but infertile people and men with vasectomies as well.

Oak Park, Ill.

Dozens of pro-gay protesters rallied outside the Calvary Memorial Church on September 26 to protest an appearance by "ex-gay" activist Stephen Bennett, who spoke about his former life as a gay man before he got married and had two children.

Boston, Mass.

Pro-gay Democratic representative Salvatore DiMasi replaced the retiring Thomas Finneran as speaker of the state house on September 29. The transition was widely considered to be a boon to the fight against a proposed state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Charleston, S.C.

During a televised debate on October 3, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jim DeMint answered a question about out gays teaching in public schools, saying, "I don't think they should. We need the folks that are teaching in schools to represent our values."

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Date:Nov 9, 2004
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