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Across the nation.

San Francisco, Calif.

A state appeals court on May 11 ruled that a lesbian whose eggs were used to impregnate her former partner, who gave birth to twins, has no potential rights over the children even though she is their biological mother.

Rome, Ga.

Trustees at Berry College, a Christian school, disallowed a gay-issues discussion group after it was approved by the school's Student Life Council, saying they were concerned the group was advocating homosexuality.

Lago Vista, Tex.

Under pressure from the civil rights organization People for the American Way, officials at Lago Vista High School "suspended" their policy prohibiting same-sex prom dates, allowing student Sherrell Ingram, who is not gay, to bring her best friend.

West Palm Beach, Fla.

After allowing the group to rehearse on its grounds since October, the Rosarian Academy, a Catholic junior high and grade school, canceled two performances by Voices of Pride, the gay men's chorus of the Palm Beaches, scheduled for May 14-15, because the show "promotes" gay marriage.

Marriage battlefield

How you can volunteer

Who they are:

A national organization working for the right of all same-sex couples to marry

How you can help:

Go to and learn how you can share your story, start a chapter, and "get engaged" by educating others about marriage equality issues.

Who they are:

A New York State-based gay rights organization

How you can help:

Go to and visit the Marriage Action Center, where you can learn how to take action against the Federal Marriage Amendment, attend a town hall meeting, or work for civil marriage in New York.
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Date:Jun 22, 2004
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