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Across the Nation.

Yakima, Wash.

A state appeals court has been asked to overturn a Yakima judge's 2002 ruling that a lesbian couple who are splitting up are entitled to "equitable relief." If upheld, the ruling could establish a statewide precedent.

Columbia, Mo.

The University of Missouri on October 16 added sexual orientation to the list of categories protected by its employment nondiscrimination policy, ending a decade of debate on the issue.

Asheville, N.C.

The Western North Catalina Association of the United Church of Christ confused church members when it approved Cindy Maddox as the church's first openly lesbian minister at a conference on October 14, where it also reaffirmed a 1983 resolution that prohibits the ordination of "homosexuals."

Chattanooga, Tenn.

Speaking out against same-sex marriage, Tennessee Republican congressman Zach Wamp, a potential Senate candidate, called homosexuality a "sickness" and an "aberration," saying gays should "change their ways."
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Title Annotation:The Nation; news on gay and lesbian rights
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Date:Nov 25, 2003
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