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AIDS            Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
CARE            Cooperative for Assistance and Relief
                Everywhere, U.S.
FAO             Food and Agriculture Organization
GPA             Global Programme on AIDS
HIV             Human Immunodeficiency Virus
ICAPP           Intensified County Action Planning Process
NGOs            Non-Governmental Organizations
NIARSH          Network for Improved Adolescent
                Reproductive and Sexual Health
OAU             Organization of African Unity
PHN             Population, Health & Nutrition
STDs            Sexually Transmitted Diseases
TASO            The AIDS Support Organization, Uganda NGO
UN AIDS         Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS
UNESCO          United Nations Educational, Scientific and
                Cultural Organization
UNFPA           United Nations Population Fund
UNICEF          United Nations Children's Fund
USAID           United States Agency for International
WAMATA          Tanzania NGO to Assist People with AIDS
WHO             World Health Organization
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Title Annotation:AIDS Prevention and Mitigation in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Updated World Bank Strategy
Publication:AIDS Prevention and Mitigation In Sub-Saharan Africa: An Updated World Bank Strategy
Date:Apr 1, 1996
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