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Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.0.

Acronis recently announced the availability of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.0, a major update to its universal software-defined infrastructure solution that uses industry-standard hardware and combines compute, software-defined network, block, file, and object storage workloads.

Customers can benefit from application-consistent snapshots of Linux and Windows' virtual machine volumes and flexible virtual networking with support for virtual routers, Source Network Address Translation (SNAT), static routes, and floating IP addresses. Service providers can now manage edge customers easily with multi-tenant support and self-service abilities that help end customers control and track their resources. Service providers can also brand their solutions and integrate them seamlessly with their billing and CRM software--an OpenStackcompatible API makes it simple. One of the most popular components--Acronis Backup Gateway just got many improvements, including an intuitive interface for geo-replication, plus asynchronous replication that allows customers to build optimal backup destinations for local storage, private and public storage needs.

What's new in Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.0.

* Self-service portal for efficient resource provisioning to end customers in multi-tenant systems with isolation between independent workloads and projects operating in a shared environment.

* Application-consistent snapshots of virtual machine volumes compatible with Linux and Microsoft Windows deployments.

* High availability for virtual machines with automatic workload restoration in case of mode failure.

* Acronis Backup Gateway geo-replication with asynchronous replication and failover between two Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.0 clusters.

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Title Annotation:Security News and Products
Publication:Software World
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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