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Acquisition of reagents required to supply the national health laboratory emergency to possible migration vibrio cholerae.

Contract awarded for acquisition of reagents required to supply the national health laboratory emergency to possible migration vibrio cholerae

Simmons citrate agar composition per liter : ammonium dihydrogen phosphate: 1.0 g dipotassium phosphate: 1.0 g, sodium chloride: 5.0 g, sodium citrate: 2.0 g, magnesium sulfate: 0.2 g, agar: 15.0 g, blue bromtimol: 0.08 g.,"lysine iron agar (lia), composition per liter: 5.0 pancreatic digest of gelatin, 3.0 g yeast extract, 1.0 g dextrose, 10.0 g l-lysine, ferric ammonium citrate 0.5 g sodium thiosulfate 0.04 g, 0.02 g bromocresol purple, aga,tcbs agar, composition per liter: extract 5.0g yeast, bacteriological peptone 10.0 g sodium thiosulfate 10.0 g sodium citrate 10.0 g, ox bile 8.0 g sucrose 20.0 g sodium chloride 10.0 g, ferric citrate 1.0 g, bromotim blue,"triple sugar iron agar (tsi) composition per liter: 3.0 g beef extract, yeast extract 3.0 g, pancreatic digest of casein 15.0 g, proteose peptone no.3: 5.0 g dextrose 1.0 g lactose 10.0 g sucrose 10.0 g ferrous sulfate,christensen urea agar, including supplement for the entire half etc.

Contract amount: Q3,982.00

Contract date: 15.oct.2013 Hora:11:59:33 a.m.


Contractor address : 12 calle 2-18 z.1

Agency : Ministerio de salud pE[bar]blica,

6a. Avenida 6-45 zona 11 primer nivel, edificio anexo, departamento de adquisiciones

Tel: 24447474

Fax: 24447474


country :Guatemala

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 18, 2013
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