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Acquisition creates nation's biggest electricity demand response provider.

ConsumerPowerline, the industry's cutting edge strategic energy asset management company acquired Ancillary Services Coalition (ASC), California's leading demand response provider.

The joint company will be the nation's largest electricity demand response provider with more than 700 Megawatts under management--the equivalent of providing electricity to power 700,000 homes or 175 million square feet of office space.

Terry Rich, executive vice president of ASC stated "The combination of ASC and ConsumerPowerline will provide incredible opportunity for our current clients to tap into the expertise and skill set that ConsumerPowerline has developed and honed over the past six years.

"Specifically, we can now offer the firm's broad range of products: comprehensive engineering insight, monitoring, budgeting and forecasting and a broad range of market equations that help clients operate more intelligently to create new stream of cash and savings."

ConsumerPowerline has established a six-year track record in the metropolitan New York area of working with some of the nation's leading commercial, residential and industrial property owners to manage their participation in the local electricity markets, and has helped its clients turn their energy consumption into a recurring revenue source.

"We anticipate that through the addition of ASC to Consumer Powerline, we will quickly build a critical mass both in California and nationally to help make demand-response a vital component of the nation's suite of energy solutions," said Reena Russell, of Consumer Powerline.
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Date:Jun 7, 2006
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