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Healthcare facilities are a hive of activity thanks to a continuous flow of traffic, voices, and machines. Acoustical products can help keep the peace and support a more healing environment.







Rigidized Metals Corp.'s ACOUSTICAL PANELS feature a deep-textured, perforated metal that meets the demands of acoustics and enhances visual interest. Attachment systems can be added for both ceilings and walls. The acoustical panels are available in stainless steel and with VOC-free powder coats in a variety of colors.


The QT ACTIVE EMITTER from Cambridge Sound Management combines sound masking with paging and music-playing capabilities. Speakers are installed from the ceiling, facing down to deliver uniform and consistent sound masking. It features four uncorrelated audio channels to reduce phasing/comb-filtering, a slip-ring mount for acoustical tile mounting, and a ported enclosure design that allows lower frequency extension.



FORMATRAC bendable cubicle track from Inpro Corp. is manufactured using a 99 percent recycled aluminum core, with carriers that glide quietly across the track, to reduce the overall acoustic level. Formatrac works with any ceiling type, including regular and flush ceiling tile.


CertainTeed Ceiling's ECOPHON HYGIENE can handle the rigorous cleaning and disinfecting of operating and patient recovery rooms as well as laboratories. Ecophon ceiling products recently received third-party verification for both environmental product declarations and health product declarations.


GALAXY RX, a new addition to Ecore's Tru Collection, is a flooring product designed specifically for sterile applications to address sound, ergonomics, and safety. It features a 2 mm vulcanized surface fusion bonded to a 5 mm recycled rubber backing to reduce structure-borne sound. Galaxy rx is available in 12 earthtone colors.


Compiled by Shandi Matambanadzo

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Author:Matambanadzo, Shandi
Publication:Healthcare Design
Date:Dec 1, 2016
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