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Acne sufferers have viable options at their disposal.

Consumers of acne treatments are especially important to drug chains because of their age and impressionability.

"Acne tends to afflict adolescents, and they're at the age when it can seem like a crushing blow--and when they're just deciding on their shopping loyalties," says a chain drug category manager. "To the extent that we can sell them effective treatments we may just be winning customers for life. And as everybody knows--often from personal experience--acne is a widespread condition."

The acne care category has been highlighted of late by a new educational initiative from Coria Laboratories Ltd., the emergence of the heat-based Zeno device from Tyrell Inc. and Waltman Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s launch of Adult Acne Clearing Gel by Zapzyt.

Coria has announced the availability of an educational booklet for patients suffering from acne, which affects an estimated 80% of all Americans at some point in their lives.

Health care professionals, including pharmacists, can obtain the booklet, called "Understanding and Managing Acne" for free and in bulk quantities by calling toll-free (866) 819-9007 or writing Coria Laboratories Ltd., 3909 Hulen St., Fort Worth, TX 76107.

In words and pictures the booklet explains the skin condition to patients--what acne is, what causes it, who gets it, what are the signs or symptoms, how it is treated and how to cope with it--while dispelling common myths associated with acne's causes and treatment. The booklet also discusses the proper usage of Coria's Atralin (tretinoin) gel 0.05%.

Atralin is an advanced formulation of tretinoin in a unique aqueous gel featuring a combination of ingredients known to moisturize and hydrate the skin, including collagen and hyaluronic acid to help minimize irritation as well as glycerin, a known humectant, notes a company spokeswoman. The new treatment offers both proven efficacy and a low incidence of adverse events, she adds.

Tyrell vice president of marketing Lee Stranathan points out that Zeno has provided significant incremental growth to the face care/acne care market. Ongoing sales of the device's replacement treatment tip cartridge, the "razor blade" of the product line, are also notable, he says.

Zeno's ClearPoint technology triggers a "heat shock" response in the bacterium R acnes, says Stranathan. This results in self-destruction of P. acnes in an individual acne pimple, preventing infection and letting skin return to normal. ClearPoint refers to the application of specific heat over a specific time to a bacterial, viral or fungal lesion. It is effective on a range of skin ailments, including acne lesions and herpetic lesions, and potentially others, notes Stranathan.

In independent clinical trials, two to three 2 1/2-minute treatments over the course of 24 hours alleviated most pimples within 24 to 48 hours with no significant side effects, says Stranathan. Most over-the-counter antibacterials, astringents and prescription treatments gauge their effectiveness in weeks, and some may involve serious side effects, he points out.

At Waltman the goal is to provide consumers with a high-quality product that reduces and prevents acne breakouts while enhancing clear natural skin. Adult Acne Clearing Gel by Zapzyt was created for adults age 25 and older who suffer from mild acne and need a topical treatment. This new formula contains salicylic acid as well as soothing aloe and natural botanicals to reduce the embarrassing redness and swelling that acne normally causes.

The unique formula is patented and contains an active antibacterial fighter, that kills surface bacteria and below-the-surface bacteria, thereby eliminating breakouts, says Waltman vice president Whitney Burns. The money-back-guaranteed light gel smoothes into skin without any visible sign and is light enough that it can be worn under makeup, she adds.


"We are so excited to expand our line to include an adult acne gel," Burns said earlier this year. "Acne at any age can be very embarrassing, and we feel the Adult Acne Clearing Gel by Zapzyt will help fill a void in the category."
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