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Acme increases its pension fund contribution.

Improving the financial condition of the pension fund was a feature of the settlement between 66 Acme Markets in the Philadelphia area and Local 1357 of the United Food and Commercial Workers. In return for a wage freeze during the first 5 months of the 3-year contract, Acme agreed to raise its payment to the pension fund to $188 a month per full-time employee over the contract term, from $109.38. For part-time workers, Acme's obligation was raised to $47 a month, from $33.45. A union official said that the financial health of the Tri-State Multiemployer Pension Fund would be assured if other food store chains agreed to similar increases in their obligation, noting that Acme had earlier agreed to a contract for 4,000 workers in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania that provided for the same increase in pension fund payment in return for a first contract-year wage freeze.

Other terms of the Acme accord for the Philadelphia area included a $57.53-a-month increase in the company's health and welfare obligation over the term, bringing it to $306.74 on May 1, 1986, and for part-time workers, a $32.44 increase, to $122.49; 40-cent-an-hour wage increases (20 cents for baggers and other customer service employees) on January 27, 1985, and January 26, 1986; an additional 70-cent increase over the term to 700 "between grades" workers who were moved to the next higher grade; time and one-half for Sunday work, instead of double time; and termination of Easter Monday as a holiday.

The contract, which covers 4,700 workers, expires on January 15, 1987.
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Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Oct 1, 1984
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