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This report was written by a task team led by Shiyan Chao. Contributors included Naana Agyemang-Mensah, Indu Bhushan, Vincentia Canacoo, Leo Demesmaker, Margaret Grieco, Gregory Hancock, Margaret Kilo, Marilyn Manalo, Andrew Mason, Patience Mensah, Janice Olawoye, and William Steel. Useful comments on the report were received at the workshops in Ghana. The report benefited from the support of UNICEF's Ghana Office, the Canadian International Development Agencies (CIDA), and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The report received financial support from Netherlands and Canadian Trust Funds. Minhchau Nguyen, Ian Porter, and Helena Ribe provided leadership and valuable comments on the report. The report was edited and designed by Communications Development.

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Shiyan Chao
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Title Annotation:Ghana: Gender Analysis and Policymaking for Development
Author:Chao, Shiyan
Publication:Ghana Gender Analysis and Policymaking for Development
Date:Sep 1, 1999
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