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This report was prepared by the Gender Team from the Poverty Reduction and Social Development (PRSD) Group, Africa Region, World Bank, comprising C. Mark Blackden (Team Leader) and Chitra Bhanu. Valuable contributions from PRSD staff Xiao Ye, Antoine Simonpietri, Gibwa Kajubi, Susan Chase, Saji Thomas, Hippolyte Fofack, Olivier Dupriez, Cyprian Fisiy, and Mark Woodward, and from Stephan Klasen (University of Munich, Germany), Ann Whitehead (University of Sussex, U.K.), Simel Esim (International Center for Research on Women), Lisa Garbus, Julian Lampietti, Andrew Mason, and Pierre Romand-Heuyer (World Bank), and Statistics Sweden are gratefully acknowledged. Additional financial support was provided by the Netherlands, through the SAGA II Trust Fund, the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID), and Norway, through the Poverty Monitoring and Analysis Trust Fund. The report benefited from the technical advice and guidance of Jack W. van Hoist Pellekaan and Lionel Demery (World Bank), and from comments by Jane Hopkins, Anne Fleuret, and Hannah Baldwin (USAJJ3), Andrew Norton (DFID), Lynn Brown, Alison Evans, Elizabeth Morris-Hughes, Paula Donnelly-Roark, Caroline Moser (World Bank), Lawrence Haddad and Agnes Quisumbing (IFPRI), and Marc-Andre Fredette (CTDA). This work was carried out under the overall leadership of Roger Sullivan, Technical Manager, PRSD Group.

This report was prepared for the Special Program of Assistance for Africa (SPA) with the close collaboration of several members of its Poverty and Social Policy Working Group (PSPWG), in particular Margreet Moolhuijzen (The Netherlands), Ingrid Lofstrom-Berg and Dag Ehrenpreis (Sweden), Andy Norton (U.K.), Curt Grimm (U.S.), and Sean Conlin and Ame Strom (E.U.). It reflects the outcome of informal consultations with key partners in Africa, notably ECA, in connection with its 40th Anniversary Conference on Women in the African Economy, held in April 1998. It also reflects discussions with government officials and civil society organizations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana, and at the Regional consultative meeting with African NGOs held in Bamako, Mali, in September 1998.

C. Mark Blackden

Chitra Bhanu

in collaboration with the Poverty and Social Policy Working Group of the Special Program of Assistance for Africa
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Title Annotation:Gender Growth and Poverty Reduction: Special Program of Assistance for Africa, 1998 Status Report on Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa
Publication:Gender, Growth and Poverty Reduction
Date:Mar 1, 1999
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