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This report was prepared under the direction and editorial management of a World Bank team of Elizabeth C. Brouwer, Sonomi Tanaka and Bruce M. Harris by SMEC International Pry. Ltd. The authors of the report are Dr. Maev O Collins, Ms. Suzette Mitchell, Dr. Martha McIntyre, Ms. Anne Waiko, Dr. Robin Hide, Dr. Heather Booth and Professor Ron Duncan. As part of the consultations on the report a core Focus Group was formed to assist the authors in the identification of priorities and in the stakeholder discussions. The members of the Focus Group were Molly Manukayasi, Ruby Zarriga, Susan Settae, Ume Wainetti, Hilan Los, Sarah Garap, Margaret O'Callaghan, Miriam Midire, Dorothy Tekwie, Lydia Garua Gah, Betty Lovai and Anne Ryan.

The World Bank wishes to express its appreciation to the authors, to the Focus Group and to those organizations and agencies who assisted in the compilation of this material and in the final preparation of the report. In particular, we wish to acknowledge the advice and support of Mr. Joe Demas and Ms. Ruby Zarriga of the Papua New Guinea National Planning Unit. The World Bank also acknowledges the valuable support for the study provided by the Australian Agency for International Development Pacific Facility and the World Bank Country Operations Support Facility.

This version of the report has benefitted from suggestions and advice from peer reviewers, in particular, Ms. Lyn Bennett and Ms. Josette Murphy. The report was prepared with guidance from Ms. Marianne Haug, Mr. Richard Calkins and Mr. Klaus Rohland. Mr. Malcolm G. Ross prepared the cover design and layout, and undertook the final preparation of the text. His assistance is gratefully acknowledged. Mr. David Colbert provided administrative support and coordinated the processing of the report.
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Title Annotation:Gender Analysis in Papua New Guinea
Publication:Gender Analysis in Papua New Guinea
Date:Nov 1, 1998
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