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This update benefited from the comments and suggestions of many people in the regions and central vice presidencies. Special thanks are extended to Aysegul Akin-Karasapan, Lynn Bennett, Mark Blackden, Jayati Datta-Mitra, Monica Fong, Christopher Gibbs, Roslyn Hees, Alcira Kreimer, Caroline Moser, Minh Chau Nguyen, Manuel Penalver, Sheila Reines, Roger Slade, Cecilia Valdivieso, and external reviewer Mayra Buvinic. The participation of 43 staff members in focus group discussions is also gratefully acknowledged. Within OED, Nalini Kumar and Varsha Malhotra contributed extensively to the review and analytical work, Emily Chalmers edited the draft, and Megan Kimball and Carla Sarmiento processed it. Angie Gentile-Blackwell copyedited and produced the published version.
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Title Annotation:Mainstreaming Gender in World Bank Lending: An Update
Author:Murphy, Josette
Publication:Mainstreaming Gender in World Bank Lending
Date:Jun 1, 1997
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