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The production of this special issue of the Canadian Journal of Public Health (CJPH) involved the time and commitment of many individuals. The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) wishes to acknowledge with appreciation the support of the CJPH and the contributions of CIHI staff members, both past and present.

A special note of appreciation is extended to CIHI staff members Melanie Josee Davidson and Lisa Corscadden, for lending their time and expertise to this project, and to Anne Sebold for so capably overseeing the process.

To Dr. Keith Denny, former CIHI Manager--we thank you. It was your passion, expertise and tireless commitment to educating others about social inequalities in health that inspired and brought to fruition this special issue of the Canadian Journal of Public Health.

Disclaimer: Please note that the analyses and conclusions presented herein do not necessarily reflect those of the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

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Publication:Canadian Journal of Public Health
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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