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Achieving a More Inclusive Workplace.

Research shows that inclusive workplaces are six times more likely to be innovative and twice as likely to meet or surpass financial goals, reports Limeade, an employee engagement company. In addition, employees who feel able to bring their whole selves to work are 42% less likely to plan on leaving for another position within a year. According to the Forbes Human Resources Council, the following are among important factors that impact inclusion.

* Offer access to resources: Encourage employees to send agendas and materials in advance so everyone feels prepared. Protect time by setting up technology properly, and be sure to involve all members.

* Be sure employees have a voice: Employees need to feel they have a say in decisions that impact their work. Hold focus groups or have weekly surveys that measure or address inclusion.

* Accept and value people for who they are: Have intentional conversations with your employees that not only recognize great work, but explain why you value them and their work. Acknowledge specific achievements or even small "wins" to show you care and take part in their successes.

* Provide learning and development: Offer employees the opportunity to expand professional and personal goals by supporting further education, learning a new skill or developing a hobby or passion.

* Promote a collaborative environment: Pause to ask what others think in a meeting. Make sure to give credit where credit is due, even if the person who came up with the idea isn't in the room.

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