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Fermentation Station: Extend the life of produce while also introducing new textures and flavors. Will, Hank Jul 28, 2021 982
Actin filaments altered distribution in wheat (Triticum aestivum) "Bending Root" to respond to enhanced Ultraviolet-B radiation/Distribuicao alterada dos filamentos de actina no trigo (Triticum aestivum) "Raiz dobrada" para responder a radiacao ultravioleta B aprimorada. Du, M.T.; Zhu, G.L.; Chen, H.Z.; Han, R. Mar 31, 2021 4373
Celanese says Clear Lake JV with Mitsui to expand capacity with recycled CO2. Mar 24, 2021 269
Effect of dietary supplementation of garlic powder and phenyl acetic acid on productive performance, blood haematology, immunity and antioxidant status of broiler chickens. Ismail, I. E.; Alagawany, M.; Taha, A. E.; Puvaca, N.; Laudadlo, V.; Tufarelli, V. Report Mar 1, 2021 5627
Efficient Protocol for In vitro Regeneration of Ocimum sanctum using Nodal Segments as Explants. Kayani, Hammad Afzal; Raziq, Mariam; Kazmi, Syeda Kahkashan; Naz, Sheeba; Khan, Saifullah Mar 1, 2021 3281
Alcohol's close chemical cousin no poor relation. amber lights by Brian Townsend Feb 6, 2021 361
Evaluating fermentation quality, in vitro digestibility and aerobic stability of a total mixed ration ensiled with different additives on Tibet plateau. Dong, Zhihao; Wang, Siran; Zhao, Jie; Li, Junfeng; Liu, Qinhua; Bao, Yuhong; Shao, Tao Report Jan 27, 2021 7462
Changes in fermentation pattern and quality of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) silage by wilting and inoculant treatments. Liu, Chang; Zhao, Guo Qiang; Wei, Sheng Nan; Kim, Hak Jin; Li, Yan Fen; Kim, Jong Geun Report Jan 1, 2021 6165
Assessing Impact of Naphthalene Acetic Acid on the Growth and Yield of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench). Nisar, Muhammad; Rahman, Habib Ur; Khan, Muhammad Sohail; Khan, Ilham; Fatima, Saba; Waseem, Kashif; Jan 1, 2021 5476
The In Vivo Antinociceptive and Antiinflammatory Effects of Verbascum exuberans Hub.-Mor./Verbascum exuberans Hub.-Mor.'in In Vivo Antinosiseptif ve Antiinflamatuvar Etkileri. Eyiis, Esra; Kaygisiz, Bilgin; Kilic, Fatma Sultan; Ayhanci, Adnan Report Dec 1, 2020 4985
When your breath dyes away Need for Surgical Airway in a Case of Hair dye Poisoning. Rohan, Rahul; Chandran, Arun Raja; Nizami, Mohammed Ismail; Sharma, Ashima Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 1305
Short chain fatty acids and monocarboxylate transporters in irritable bowel syndrome. Fredericks, Ernst; Theunissen, Reza; Roux, Saartjie Report Dec 1, 2020 5040
Dietary corn resistant starch regulates intestinal morphology and barrier functions by activating the Notch signaling pathway of broilers. Zhang, Yingying; Liu, Yingsen; Li, Jiaolong; Xing, Tong; Jiang, Yun; Zhang, Lin; Gao, Feng Report Dec 1, 2020 7499
Short chain fatty acids and monocarboxylate transporters in irritable bowel syndrome. Fredericks, Ernst; Theunissen, Reza; Roux, Saartjie Dec 1, 2020 5329
Volatilization of Standalone Dicamba and Dicamba plus Glyphosate as Function of Volatility Reducer and Different Surfaces. Carbonari, Caio A.; Costa, Renato N.; Bevilaqua, Natalia C.; Pereira, Vinicius G.C.; Giovanelli, Bru Nov 1, 2020 5164
The Effect of Black Pepper (Pipetine) Extract Supplementation on Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility, Fecal Microbial, Fecal Gas Emission, and Meat Quality of Finishing Pigs. Sampath, Vetriselvi; Shanmugam, Sureshkumar; Park, Jae Hong; Kim, In Ho Report Nov 1, 2020 6519
Physiological characterisation of coprophilous fungal isolates that behave as plant root associates. Miranda, Victoria; Scervino, Jose Martin; Barros, Johana; Rodriguez, Maria Alejandra; Fracchia, Seba Report Nov 1, 2020 8055
Abu Qir Fertilizers to start feasibility studies on $2.6bn methanol factory. Alyaa Stohy Oct 7, 2020 285
Effects of Dietary Substitution of Alfalfa Silage with Virginia Fanpetals Silage in Lactating Polish Holstein Friesian Dairy Cows. Purwin, Cezary; Nogalski, Zenon; Starczewski, Maciej; Czurgiel, Sylwia; Fijalkowska, Maja; Momot, Ma Oct 1, 2020 10112
Silage Fermentation, Bacterial Community, and Aerobic Stability of Total Mixed Ration Containing Wet Corn Gluten Feed and Corn Stover Prepared with Different Additives. Zhang, Guangning; Fang, Xinpeng; Feng, Guanzhi; Li, Yang; Zhang, Yonggen Oct 1, 2020 9672
Combined Effect of Organic Acids and Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Listeria monocytogenes in Chicken Legs. Gonzalez-Fandos, Elena; Martinez-Laorden, Alba; Perez-Arnedo, Iratxe Oct 1, 2020 8684
The Impact of Ammoniation Treatment on the Chemical Composition and In Vitro Digestibility of Rice Straw in Chinese Holsteins. Ma, Yulin; Chen, Xu; Khan, Muhammad Zahoor; Xiao, Jianxin; Liu, Shuai; Wang, Jingjun; He, Zhiyuan; L Oct 1, 2020 7533
Beet Pulp: An Alternative to Improve the Gut Health of Growing Pigs. Diao, Hui; Jiao, Anran; Yu, Bing; He, Jun; Zheng, Ping; Yu, Jie; Luo, Yuheng; Luom Junqiu; Mao, Xian Oct 1, 2020 9311
Testing a Bovine Blood-Derived Compound as Iron Supply on Cucumis sativus L. Foggia, Michele Di; Mezquita, Felipe Yunta; Tugnoli, Vitaliano; Rombola, Adamo Domenico; Lucena, Jua Oct 1, 2020 8025
Assessment of the Bioavailability and Speciation of Heavy Metal(loid)s and Hydrocarbons for Risk-Based Soil Remediation. Agrelli, Diana; Caporale, Antonio Giandonato; Adamo, Paola Sep 1, 2020 11385
Assessment of the Capacity of Beneficial Bacterial Inoculants to Enhance Canola (Brassica napus L.) Growth under Low Water Activity. Premachandra, Dasun; Hudek, Lee; Enez, Aydin; Ballard, Ross; Barnett, Steve; Franco, Christopher M.M Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2020 11182
Effects of Sodium Formate and Calcium Propionate Additives on the Fermentation Quality and Microbial Community of Wet Brewers Grains after Short-Term Storage. Lv, Jingyi; Fang, Xinpeng; Feng, Guanzhi; Zhang, Guangning; Zhao, Chao; Zhang, Yonggen; Li, Yang Report Sep 1, 2020 8120
Brisket Disease Is Associated with Lower Volatile Fatty Acid Production and Altered Rumen Microbiome in Holstein Heifers. Gaowa, Naren; Panke-Buisse, Kevin; Wang, Shuxiang; Wang, Haibo; Cao, Zhijun; Wang, Yajing; Yao, Kun; Report Sep 1, 2020 5618
Non-Adherent Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ameliorate Clinical Manifestations and Inflammation in an Experimental Model of Ulcerative Colitis in Rats. Mashhouri, Siavash; Froushani, Seyyed Meysam Abtahi; Tehrani, Ali Asghar Sep 1, 2020 5619
The Effects of Dietary Glycine on the Acetic Acid-Induced Mouse Model of Colitis. Wu, Xin; Zheng, Yongmin; Ma, Jie; Yin, Jie; Chen, Shuai Aug 31, 2020 4194
Acute Oral Toxicity and Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Effects of Aqueous and Methanolic Stem Bark Extracts of Piliostigma thonningii (Schumach.). Olela, Ben; Mbaria, James; Wachira, Timothy; Moriasi, Gervason Aug 31, 2020 6812
Try pickling and enjoy favourite flavours for much longer. Aug 22, 2020 616
Effect of Inoculation with Preactivated Lactobacillus Buchneri and Urea on Fermentative Profile, Aerobic Stability and Nutritive Value in Corn Silage. Santos, Ana Paula Maia dos; Santos, Edson Mauro; Araujo, Gherman Garcia Leal de; Oliveira, Juliana S Aug 1, 2020 9868
Optimization of Indole-3-Acetic Acid Concentration in a Nutrient Solution for Increasing Bioactive Compound Accumulation and Production of Agastache rugosa in a Plant Factory. Lam, Vu Phong; Lee, Mun Haeng; Park, Jong Seok Aug 1, 2020 7431
Investigation of the Peripheral Analgesic Activity of Oxicams and Their Combinations with Caffeine/Oksikamlarin ve Kafein ile Kombinasyonlarinin Periferal Analjezik Aktivitelerinin Incelenmesi. Syrova, Anna; Lukyanova, Larisa; Kozub, Svetlana; Zavada, Oksana; Levashova, Olga; Shaposhnik, Vikto Aug 1, 2020 2421
Effects of additives on the fermentation quality, in vitro digestibility and aerobic stability of mulberry (Morus alba L.) leaves silage. Dong, Zhihao; Wang, Siran; Zhao, Jie; Li, Junfeng; Shao, Tao Aug 1, 2020 5384
Phloroglucinol Improves Direct Rooting of In Vitro Cultured Apple Rootstocks M9 and M26. Kim, Jin-Ho; Kwon, Bo-Min; Ho, Thanh-Tam; Park, So-Young Aug 1, 2020 4359
Co-Inoculation of Rhizobacteria and Biochar Application Improves Growth and Nutrientsin Soybean and Enriches Soil Nutrients and Enzymes. Jabborova, Dilfuza; Wirth, Stephan; Kannepalli, Annapurna; Desouky, Said; Davranov, Kakhramon; Sayye Aug 1, 2020 7778
Long-Term Control of Hedge Bindweed (Calystegia sepium L.) with Single, Tank Mixture, and Sequential Applications of Glyphosate, 2,4-D, and Dicamba. Kolmanic, Ales; Leskovsek, Robert; Lesnik, Mario Aug 1, 2020 8807
The Improvement of Bioethanol Production by Pentose-Fermenting Yeasts Isolated from Herbal Preparations, the Gut of Dung Beetles, and Marula Wine. Moremi, Mahlatse Ellias; Van Rensburg, Elbert Lukas Jansen; La Grange, Daniel Coenrad Jul 31, 2020 12068
Multiple Mechanisms of Flaxseed: Effectiveness in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Palla, Amber Hanif; Gilani, Anwar-ul-Hassan; Bashir, Samra; Rehman, Najeeb Ur Jul 31, 2020 9735
Molecular and Physiological Response to Dicamba in Dicamba-Tolerant Wild Tomato. Zangoueinejad, Rouzbeh; Alebrahim, Mohammad Taghi; Tseng, Te Ming Report Jul 1, 2020 8895
Comparison of GFR Values Measured with Different Methods and the Relative Renal Functions in Patients with Proven or Suspected Obstructive Uropathy. Demir, Fadime; Balci, Tansel Ansal; Simcek, Fikri Selcuk; Demir, Mustafa Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 3633
Current Trends in the Use of Irrigant Activation Techniques Among Endodontists & Post-Graduate Dental Students in India - A Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Based Survey. Natanasabapathy, Is Velmurugan; Durvasulu, Archana; Krithikadatta, Jogikalmat; Namasivayam, Ambalava Survey Jul 1, 2020 5201
Agricultural Utilization of Unused Resources: Liquid Food Waste Material as a New Source of Plant Growth-Promoting Microbes. Asghar, Waleed; Kondo, Shiho; Iguchi, Riho; Mahmood, Ahmad; Kataoka, Ryota Jul 1, 2020 7731
Effect of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria on the Growth of Wheat Seedlings Subjected to Phosphate Starvation. Cataldi, Mariagrazia P.; Heuer, Sigrid; Mauchline, Tim H.; Wilkinson, Mark D.; Masters-Clark, Emily; Jul 1, 2020 6864
Rhizobacteria Isolated from Saline Soil Induce Systemic Tolerance in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) against Salinity Stress. Ilyas, Noshin; Mazhar, Roomina; Yasmin, Humaira; Khan, Wajiha; Iqbal, Sumera; Enshasy, Hesham El; Da Jul 1, 2020 9877
Role of Trichoderma aggressivum f. europaeum as Plant-Growth Promoter in Horticulture. Sanchez-Montesinos, Brenda; Dianez, Fernando; Moreno-Gavira, Alejandro; Gea, Francisco J.; Santos, M Jul 1, 2020 8366
In-Vitro Plant Growth Promotion of Rhizobium Strains Isolated from Lentil Root Nodules under Abiotic Stresses. Sijilmassi, Badreddine; Filali-Maltouf, Abdelkarim; Fahde, Sara; Ennahli, Youness; Boughribil, Said; Jul 1, 2020 7754
Strategic Addition of Different Additives to Improve Silage Fermentation, Aerobic Stability and In Vitro Digestibility of Napier Grasses at Late Maturity Stage. Kaewpila, Chatchai; Khota, Waroon; Gunun, Pongsatorn; Kesorn, Piyawit; Cherdthong, Anusorn Jul 1, 2020 8948
Immunohistochemical Studies of Age-Related Changes in Cell Proliferation and Angiogenesis during the Healing of Acetic Acid-Induced Gastric Ulcers in Rats. Folorunsho Ajayi, A.; Babafemi Olaleye, S. Jun 30, 2020 6014
Abdominal Massage Reduces Visceral Hypersensitivity via Regulating GDNF and PI3K/AKT Signal Pathway in a Rat Model of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Li, Bo; Luo, Xiong-Fei; Liu, Si-Wen; Zhao, Na; Li, Hua-Nan; Zhang, Wei; Chen, Ying-Ying; Bao, An; Wa Jun 30, 2020 5186
Inhibitory Activity of Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf. Rhizome towards the Expression of Akt and NF-KappaB p65 in Acetic Acid-Induced Wistar Rats. Rosdianto, Aziiz Mardanarian; Puspitasari, Irma Melyani; Lesmana, Ronny; Levita, Jutti Jun 30, 2020 5782
The Effect of Ensiling on the Nutritional Composition and Fermentation Characteristics of Brown Seaweeds as a Ruminant Feed Ingredient. Campbell, Mairead; Ortuno, Jordi; Ford, Lauren; Davies, David R.; Koidis, Anastasios; Walsh, Pamela Jun 1, 2020 9180
PGPR Modulation of Secondary Metabolites in Tomato Infested with Spodoptera litura. Kousar, Bani; Bano, Asghari; Khan, Naeem Jun 1, 2020 9255
Response of Upland Rice (Oryza saliva L.) Inoculated with Non-Native Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria. Ouyabe, Michel; Irie, Kenji; Tanaka, Naoto; Kikuno, Hidehiko; Pachakkil, Babil; Shiwachi, Hironobu Jun 1, 2020 9624
Tiamulin-Resistant Mutants of the Thermophilic Bacterium Thermus thermophilus. Killeavy, Erin E.; Jogl, Gerwald; Gregory, Steven T. Report Jun 1, 2020 5353
Apoptosis Signaling Pathway Regulates the Gene Expression in the Yeast Retrotransposons Ty1 and Ty2. Colakoglu, Ceyda; Turkel, Sezai Jun 1, 2020 5149
Chemical, Microbiological, and Functional Characterization of Kefir Produced from Cow's Milk and Soy Milk. Gamba, Raul Ricardo; Yamamoto, Shihori; Abdel-Hamid, Mahmoud; Sasaki, Tetsuya; Michihata, Toshihide; May 31, 2020 9918
Antioxidant Action and In Vivo Anti-Inflammatory and Antinociceptive Activities of Myrciaria floribunda Fruit Peels: Possible Involvement of Opioidergic System. Santos, Izabelly Bianca da Silva; dos Santos, Bruno Santos; de Oliveira, Joao Ricardhis Saturnino; C May 31, 2020 7845
Effects of Hydrolysable Tannins as Zinc Oxide Substitutes on Antioxidant Status, Immune Function, Intestinal Morphology, and Digestive Enzyme Activities in Weaned Piglets. Liu, Hansuo; Hu, Jiangxu; Mahfuz, Shad; Piao, Xiangshu Report May 1, 2020 8956
Development of an Efficient Analytical Method for the Extraction and Analysis of Biocide Contents from the Textile Test Specimens on LC-DAD. Jahangir, Muhammad; Khan, Uzman Apr 30, 2020 4725
Pkh1p-Ypk1p and Pkh1p-Sch9p Pathways Are Activated by Acetic Acid to Induce a Mitochondrial-Dependent Regulated Cell Death. Rego, Antonio; Mendes, Filipa; Costa, Vitor; Chaves, Susana Rodrigues; Corte-Real, Manuela Apr 30, 2020 9434
A Simple Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Glyoxylic Acid in Its Synthesis Mixture. Abdulwahed, Mazhar; Mamoly, Lamia; Bosnali, Wael Apr 30, 2020 3993
Inhibitory Effect of Roselle Aqueous Extracts-HPMC 6000 Gel on the Growth of Staphylococcus Aureus ATCC 25923/Hibiscus Sabdariffa L Sulu Ekstrelerini Iceren HPMC 6000 Jel Formulasyonunun Staphylococcus Aureus ATCC 25923 Buyumesi Uzerine Inhibitor Etkisi. Isnaeni, Isnaeni; Hendradi, Esti; Zettira, Natalia Zara Apr 1, 2020 4194
Dynamic changes and characterization of the protein and carbohydrate fractions of native grass grown in Inner Mongolia during ensiling and the aerobic stage. Du, Zhumei; Risu, Na; Gentu, Ge; Jia, Yushan; Cai, Yimin Apr 1, 2020 11049
Simultaneous Quantitative Determination of Polyphenolic Compounds in Blumea balsamifera (Ai-Na-Xiang, Sembung) by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Photodiode Array Detector. Tan, Daopeng; Yang, Zhou; Zhang, Qianru; Ling, Hua; Du, Yimei; Lu, Yanliu; Xie, Tianpei; Zhou, Xumei Mar 31, 2020 5479
Gut Microbiota Alterations from Three-Strain Yogurt Formulation Treatments in Slow-Transit Constipation. Li, Xiao-Ran; Liu, Chen-Jian; Tang, Xiao-Dan; Zhang, He-Ming; Luo, Yi-Yong; Zhang, Le; yang, En Mar 31, 2020 6567
Electroacupuncture Inhibits the Activity of Astrocytes in Spinal Cord in Rats with Visceral Hypersensitivity by Inhibiting [P2Y.sub.1] Receptor-Mediated MAPK/ERK Signaling Pathway. Zhao, Jingming; Li, Hui; Shi, Chong; Yang, Tiezheng; Xu, Baoshi Mar 31, 2020 8054
Biginelli Synthesis of Novel Dihydropyrimidinone Derivatives Containing Phthalimide Moiety. Bhat, Mashooq A.; Omar, Mohamed A. Al-; Naglah, Ahmed M.; Dhfyan, Abdullah Al- Mar 31, 2020 3731
The Role of Marine Organic Extract in Bone Regeneration: A Pilot Study. Zielak, Joao Cesar; Vendramini, Ivana; de Lucas Corso, Paola Fernanda Cotait; Muller, Leonardo Luiz; Mar 31, 2020 4933
Isolation and Characterization of Plant Growth-Promoting Endophytic Bacteria Paenibacillus polymyxa SK1 from Lilium lancifolium. Khan, Mohammad Sayyar; Gao, Junlian; Chen, Xuqing; Zhang, Mingfang; Yang, Fengping; Du, Yunpeng; Moe Mar 31, 2020 12811
Impact of Hormones on the Proliferation of Shoots and Initiation of Roots in Salvia santolinifolia (Boiss), A High Value Medicinal Herb. Jan, Tour; Naqvi, Beena; Hazrat, Ali; Qadri, Raiha; Nisar, Muhammad; Khan, Nasrullah; Nawaz, Muhamma Mar 1, 2020 3848
Acetic Acid-Induced Ulcerative Colitis in Sprague Dawley Rats Is Suppressed by Hydroethanolic Extract of Cordia vignei Leaves through Reduced Serum Levels of TNF-[alpha] and IL-6. Owusu, George; Obiri, David D.; Ainooson, George K.; Osafo, Newman; Antwi, Aaron O.; Duduyemi, Babat Mar 1, 2020 6969
Root--to--Shoot Signaling and Leaf Water--Use Efficiency in Peach Trees under Localized Irrigation. Xylogiannis, Evangelos; Sofo, Adriano; Dichio, Bartolomeo; Montanaro, Giuseppe; Mininni, Alba N. Mar 1, 2020 8240
Tanker carrying acetic acid overturns. Feb 9, 2020 169
Impact of wilting and additives on fermentation quality and carbohydrate composition of mulberry silage. Zhang, Ying Chao; Wang, Xue Kai; Li, Dong Xia; Lin, Yan Li; Yang, Fu Yu; Ni, Kui Kui Feb 1, 2020 7811
Chemical Traits of Fermented Alfalfa Brown Juice: Its Implications on Physiological, Biochemical, Anatomical, and Growth Parameters of Celosia. Bakonyi, Nora; Kisvarga, Szilvia; Barna, Dome; Toth, Ibolya O.; El-Ramady, Hassan; Abdalla, Neama; K Report Feb 1, 2020 11400
Creeping Bentgrass Fairway Wear Resistance by Granular Topdressing of Ca/Mg-rich Liming Agents. Pruyne, Derek T.; Schlossberg, Maxim J.; Uddin, Wakar Report Feb 1, 2020 6228
Diversity and Composition of Rumen Bacteria, Fungi, and Protozoa in Goats and Sheep Living in the Same High-Altitude Pasture. Langda, Suo; Zhang, Chenguang; Zhang, Ke; Gui, Ba; Ji, De; Deji, Ciren; Cuoji, Awang; Wang, Xiaolong Report Feb 1, 2020 7210
China Acetic Acid Industry Forecasts - Demand for Acetic Acid will Continue to Grow at About 6% by 2029. Industry overview Jan 21, 2020 515
Acetic Acid Companies in China to 2029 - Shanghai Wujing Chemical Industry Plant & BP YPC Acetyls Company Ltd. Jan 21, 2020 503
Fittonia verschaffeltii Response to Artificial Light Treatments: BIOMASS, Nutrient Concentrations and Physiological Changes. Garcia-Caparros, Pedro; Almansa, Eva Maria; Barbero, Francisco Javier; Chica, Rosa Maria; Lao, Maria Jan 1, 2020 6152
Synthesis of New Substituted Tetrazole and 4-Thiazolidinone from Schiff's Bases. Ahmed, Amena Alyas; Ahmed, Natiq Ghanim; Ahmad, Ahmad Khuder Jan 1, 2020 2212
Synthesis and Characterization of New Triazole and Coumarin-Derived Heterocyclic Compounds Part I. Nurhan Gumrukcuoglu, Muhammad Imran and Inam Iqbal Dec 31, 2019 6291
Antioxidant and Antiulcerogenic Activity of the Dry Extract of Pods of Libidibia ferrea Mart. ex Tul. Prazeres, Lady D.K.T.; Aragao, Ticiana P.; Brito, Samara A.; Almeida, Cynthia L.F.; Silva, Amanda D. Dec 31, 2019 15906
Glyoxylic Acid Market-Seeking Growth from Emerging Markets, Growth Revenue, Study Drivers, Restraints and Forecast 2023. Dec 24, 2019 752
Fruit Vinegar Market 2020 Global Industry - Key Players Analysis, Sales, Supply, Demand and Forecast to 2025. Dec 19, 2019 800
Global Acidity Regulators Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2025. Dec 13, 2019 897
Lactic acid bacterial inoculant effects on the vitamin content of alfalfa and Chinese leymus silage. Jia, Tingting; Sun, Zhiqiang; Gao, Run; Yu, Zhu Dec 1, 2019 6856
In Vitro Regeneration and ISSR-Based Genetic Fidelity Analysis of Orthosiphon stamineus Benth. Ali, Hanisah; Musa, Izzah Farhanah; Bakar, Nurul Atikhah Abu; Karsani, Saiful Anuar; Yaacob, Jamilah Dec 1, 2019 7656
Preparation and Properties of Nanocellulose from Miscanthus x giganteus. Barbash, Valerii A.; Yashchenko, Olha V.; Vasylieva, Olesia A. Nov 30, 2019 5245
Preconcentration and Determination of Psychotropic Drugs in Urine Samples by Ion Mobility Spectrometry with Electrospray Ionization Coupling On-Line Single-Drop Liquid-Liquid-Liquid Microextraction. Li, Shu Nov 30, 2019 5074
Ethane Market 2019: Global Industry Report by Size, Opportunity, Manufactures, Share, Trends, Leading Players Segments and Geographical and Historical Overview Forecast 2023. Report Nov 18, 2019 1025
Nantong Acetic Acid Chemical received D on Foreign Investors Rating for Q3 2019. Nov 11, 2019 306
CRISPR/Cas9-Induced Mutagenesis of Semi-Rolled Leaf1,2 Confers Curled Leaf Phenotype and Drought Tolerance by Influencing Protein Expression Patterns and ROS Scavenging in Rice (Oryza sativa L.). Liao, Shanyue; Qin, Xuemei; Luo, Liang; Han, Yue; Wang, Xin; Usman, Babar; Nawaz, Gul; Zhao, Neng; L Nov 1, 2019 11047
The Healing Effects of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Carum Copticum L. on Experimental Colitis in Rats. Firoozi, Donya; Nekooeian, Ali Akbar; Tanideh, Nader; Mazloom, Zohreh; Mokhtari, Maral; Sartang, Moh Report Nov 1, 2019 5249
Apple cider vinegar soaks fall short in pilot study. Rans, Caleb Nov 1, 2019 474
New Way Forward for the Diagnosis and Management of Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors with an LC-MS/MS Panel of Indole Biomarkers. Eisenhofer, Graeme Nov 1, 2019 1729
Glyoxylic Acid Market: Global Current Trends, Size, Industry Share, Statistics, Growth, Market Challenges, Business Opportunities & Global Industry Analysis By 2023. Oct 25, 2019 790
BP UK oil ltd.--BP and ZPCC explore the creation of a world-scale acetic acid joint venture in China--18/10/2019. Oct 21, 2019 462
Organic Acids Market Analysis, Growth, Share, Trends, and Forecast - 2022. Oct 18, 2019 1018
TOP NEWS: BP Mulling Major New Acetic Acid Factory In China. Oct 18, 2019 200
Global Acetic Acid Industry Outlook to 2023 - Capacity & Capital Expenditure Forecasts with Details of All Active & Planned Plants. Industry overview Oct 15, 2019 304
ME to prop acetic acid capacity growth by 2023. Oct 10, 2019 284
Effects on microbial diversity of fermentation temperature (10[degrees]C and 20[degrees]C), long-term storage at 5[degrees]C, and subsequent warming of corn silage. Zhou, Yiqin; Drouin, Pascal; Lafreniere, Carole Oct 1, 2019 8812
Perennial Ryegrass Wear Resistance and Soil Amendment by Ca- and Mg-Silicates. Pruyne, Derek T.; Schlossberg, Maxim J.; Uddin, Wakar Oct 1, 2019 5880
Appraising Endophyte-Plant Symbiosis for Improved Growth, Nodulation, Nitrogen Fixation and Abiotic Stress Tolerance: An Experimental Investigation with Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). Ahmad, Maqshoof; Naseer, Iqra; Hussain, Azhar; Mumtaz, Muhammad Zahid; Mustafa, Adnan; Hilger, Thoma Oct 1, 2019 10992
Gas Sensors Modified with Zeolite Y for Assessing Wine Aroma Compounds. Paredes-Doig, A.L.; Carcamo, H.; Cotillo, M. Hurtado; Sun-Kou, R.; Doig-Camino, E.; Picasso, G.; Com Sep 30, 2019 4420
Eastman increases ANHYDRIDES prices on Oct. 01, 2019. Sep 30, 2019 257
Celanese Updates Status of Clear Lake Operations. Sep 30, 2019 446
Celanese updates status of Clear Lake operations. Sep 30, 2019 159
Celanese - The chemistry inside innovation™. Sep 27, 2019 296
Global Acetic Acid Industry Analysis 2019, Market Growth, Trends, Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Sep 26, 2019 1142
Give plants the gift of space. Sep 17, 2019 923
Voltammetric Determination of Indole-3-acetic Acid in Extract of Pistia stratiotes. Santos, Jaqueline da Silva; Santiago, Etenaldo Felipe; de Arruda, Gilberto Jose Sep 15, 2019 4619
Prevalence of Premalignant and Malignant Cervical Lesions among Patients by Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Bangalore--An Observational Study. Jagruthi C.; Hemavathi, G. Clinical report Sep 2, 2019 2760
Acetic Acid Market To Exhibit Fastest Growth Owing To Increasing Production of Vinyl Acetate Monomer in Automotive & Construction Industries Till 2022 / Million Insights. Sep 2, 2019 1017
pH Control/Salt Market Set to Surge Significantly during 2017-2026. Sep 2, 2019 720
Physicochemical and microbiological dynamics of the fermentation of the CCN51 cocoa material in three maturity stage/Dinamica fisico-quimica e microbiologica da fermentacao de material de cacau CCN51 em tres fases de maturidade. del Pilar Lopez Hernandez, Martha; Nunez, Jenifer Criollo; Gomez, Maria Soledad Hernandez; Tovar, Ma Sep 1, 2019 6280
First record of Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) causing damage on greenhouse strawberries. Souza, Mireli Trombin de; Souza, Michele Trombin de; Ivankio, Launa Bianca Dybas; Durau, Bruna Carol Sep 1, 2019 1347
Appropriate Concentration of Acetic Acid for the Preservation of Fresh Cadaveric Brains to be Used in Surgical Training: A Preliminary Study/Concentracion Adecuada de Acido Acetico para la Preservacion de Cerebros de Cadaveres Frescos para Uso en Entrenamiento Quirurgico: Un Estudio Preliminar. Piyawattanametha, Nontaphon; Sopchokchai, Intouch; Chaisiwamongkol, Kowit; Kitkhuandee, Nawiya; Sira Sep 1, 2019 2359
Origin Identification of the Sauce-Flavor Chinese Baijiu by Organic Acids, Trace Elements, and the Stable Carbon Isotope Ratio. Zhang, Jian; Tian, Zhiqiang; Ma, Yiqian; Shao, Feilong; Huang, Jialing; Wu, Hao; Tian, Ling Aug 31, 2019 5781
Global Organic Acids Market Forecast to 2025 Featuring BASF, ADM, Cargill, DowDuPont, Corbion, Eastman Chemical Co, and More. Aug 30, 2019 414
Celanese - The chemistry inside innovation™. Aug 30, 2019 314
SIPCHEM (TADAWUL: 2310) - Addendum announcement from Sipchem regarding scheduled periodic maintenance turnaround for selected production units -- 4/8/2019. Aug 22, 2019 144
Ethane Market 2019: With Top Key Player and Countries Data: Trends and Forecast 2023, Industry Analysis by Regions, Type and Applications. Aug 14, 2019 1296
SIPCHEM (TADAWUL: 2310) - Addendum announcement from Sipchem regarding scheduled periodic maintenance turnaround for selected production units -- 4/8/2019. Aug 8, 2019 144
Saudi Arabia's Sipchem completes acetic acid plant maintenance. Aug 4, 2019 140
Market Size of Glacial Acetic Acid Market Forecast Report 2019-2029. Aug 2, 2019 1117
Should an old order banning synthetic vinegar be revised? Aug 1, 2019 611
Potential effects of xylopic acid on acetic acid-induced ulcerative colitis in rats. Osafo, Newman; Obiri, David Darko; Danquah, Kwabena Owusu; Essel, Laslie Brian; Antwi, Aaron Opoku Aug 1, 2019 7623
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FDA testing other vinegar products for synthetic acetic acid. Jun 5, 2019 253
FDA: Testing of 'fake' vinegar products to continue. Jun 5, 2019 191
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FDA warns of 5 'substandard' vinegar brands. Jun 4, 2019 292
FDA: 5 vinegar products contain synthetic acetic acid. Jun 4, 2019 349
FDA names 5 'fake' vinegar variants. Jun 4, 2019 344
FDA identifies 5 vinegar brands containing synthetic acetic acid. Jun 4, 2019 259
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Amoy Suka ? Huhuhmmm... May 27, 2019 726
List of 'fake' vinegar out next week FDA. May 27, 2019 170
News Briefs: May 23, 2019. May 23, 2019 538
Pinol hits 'vinegar' mislabeling. May 22, 2019 533
Pinol says 'fake vinegars' affecting local vinegar industry. May 22, 2019 285
FDA to revoke registration of 'fake' vinegar products. May 21, 2019 272
FDA registration of vinegar products with chemicals to be revoked. May 21, 2019 220
Government to update vinegar standards. May 21, 2019 608
FDA to set stricter safety, quality standards for vinegar products. May 16, 2019 285
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Synthesis, Characterization, and Drug Delivery from pH- and Thermoresponsive Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide)/ Chitosan Core/Shell Nanocomposites Made by Semicontinuous Heterophase Polymerization. Alvarado, Abraham G.; Ortega, Andres; Perez-Carrillo, Lourdes A.; Ceja, Israel; Arellano, Martin; Lo Jan 1, 2017 5412
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Anti-Parkinson Drug Biperiden Inhibits Enzyme Acetylcholinesterase. Kostelnik, Adam; Cegan, Alexander; Pohanka, Miroslav Report Jan 1, 2017 2694
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Tetrahydrocarbazole Linked 1,2-Diazoles in Aqueous-Bronsted Acid Catalytic System. Sadiq, Zubi; Hussain, Erum Akbar; Naz, Narjis; Ghani, Ambreen; Yasmeen, Kausar; Iqbal, Fizzah Technical report Jan 1, 2017 10761
Quality Comparison of Hawthorn Wines Fermented by Saccharomyces cerevisiae with and without Pulp Contact and Pectase Treatment. Zhang, Wenye; Chi, Lei; Wu, Yan; Zhang, Lei; Xu, Chunping Technical report Jan 1, 2017 5441
Impact of Acetic Acid on the Survival of L. plantarum upon Microencapsulation by Coaxial Electrospraying. Gomez-Mascaraque, Laura G.; Ambrosio-Martin, Jesus; Perez-Masia, Rocio; Lopez-Rubio, Amparo Jan 1, 2017 4125
Evaluation of analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic activity of leukotriene receptor antagonist-montelukast: An experimental study. Kolhe, Atul Mallikarjun; Kale, Anand Jan 1, 2017 3547
Trichloroacetic Acid Ingestion: Self-Harm Attempt. Black, E.R. Drug overview Jan 1, 2017 1327
Novel HPLC Analysis of Hydrocortisone in Conventional and Controlled-Release Pharmaceutical Preparations. Adi-Dako, Ofosua; Bekoe, Samuel Oppong; Ofori-Kwakye, Kwabena; Appiah, Enoch; Peprah, Paul Report Jan 1, 2017 4105
Impact of Auxins on Vegetative Propagation through Stem Cuttings of Couroupita guianensis Aubl.: A Conservation Approach. Shekhawat, Mahipal S.; Manokari, M. Report Jan 1, 2017 4157
The Protective Effect of Indole-3-Acetic Acid (IAA) on [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]- Damaged Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells Is Mediated by the AKT Pathway and Involves Increased Expression of the Transcription Factor Nuclear Factor-Erythroid 2-Related Factor 2 (Nrf2) and Its Downstream Target Heme Oxygenase 1 (HO-1). Kim, Daehwan; Kim, Hyewon; Kim, Kichul; Roh, Sangho Jan 1, 2017 5999
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