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Acer unveils Android-based NB PC at Computex Taipei 2009.

Taipei, June 4, 2009 (CENS) -- After launching world's first CULV (consumer ultra low voltage)-based notebook PC, Timeline, to hit the global consumer market, Acer Inc., the third-largest notebook PC brand globally, is also quick to unveil the first model installed with Google's Android operating system at Computex Taipei 2009, running from June 2 to 6 in Taipei.

Launching the Android-based notebook PC has helped Acer to take center stage at the world's second-largest trade fair for the global ICT (information and communication technology) industry, mainly because the firm has successfully outpaced its rivals, including HP, Dell and Asus, in development of such products.

Acer's Android-based notebook PC is powered by Intel's Atom processor and built with a 10.1-inch screen, similar with Aspire One netbook PC in specification. Acer confirmed that the product is slated for launch in the third quarter of this year. Furthermore, it, because using Android for lower royalty fees than Windows, will be surely cheaper than models installed with Windows, according to industry insiders.

Acer indicated that Google's Android is originally developed for use in smartphones, hence featuring better wireless network connection than traditional PC operating systems and allowing suppliers to build integrated application services to their branded notebook PCs for enhanced added-value.

In fact, Acer set up an R&D team in Taipei and Shanghai and spent more than 6 months developing the Android-based notebook PC since early this year, successfully taking the lead in the segment.

Noteworthy is that with Microsoft's newest operating system Windows 7 to be launched late this year, debut of Acer's Android-based notebook PC indicated that Google has fearlessly squared off against the dominant software developer in the market for PC operating systems, also adding spark to Computex Taipei 2009.

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Title Annotation:Acer's new laptop with Google Android operating system
Publication:The Taiwan Economic News
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Jun 4, 2009
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