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Acer gives PCs a homey look.

San Jose, Cal. - The evolution of the personal computer as an everyday appliance that fits in with other home furnishings was advanced by Acer America Corp.'s new Aspire series of PCs.

Aspire offers the computing features and functions of other multimedia Pcs, but looks decidedly different from the beige boxes that adorn most desks.

Created in conjunction with the design firm frogdesign Inc., the new systems come in emerald and charcoal, never-before-seen colors for desktop PCs.

"The Acer Aspire system's unique design and advanced technology will catapult the home PC industry into a new era," said Ronald Chwang, president and chief executive.

"This is the first PC in the industry to combine such a unique design for the home with technology this advanced," said Michael Culver, senior director of product management.

Features include 50 software titles, a built-in microphone that accepts verbal commands for such functions as playing back answering machine messages, AuraSound speakers and QSound 3D stereo enhancement technology.

The Aspire systems are equipped with speaker phone, telephone answering machine, voice mail, fax capabilities and Internet access.

Debbie Meagher, vice president at Best Buy, said in a statement, "Consumers want computers that fit their lifestyles and their tastes, and the Aspire does just that," calling the new Acer PCs "the most exciting in the industry."

The Acer Aspire line consists of 11 desktop and minitower configurations. The Aspire 100 MHz 486 entry-level desktop, the only non-Pentium in the group, is $1,299. It features 8Mb RAM, 540Mb hard drive, double-speed CD-ROM, a 14.4 data/fax modem and full-duplex speaker phone.

The entry-level Pentium desktop contains a 75 MHz Pentium processor, 8Mb of RAM, an 850MB hard drive, quad-speed CD-ROM and a 14.4 data/fax modem for an estimated street price of $1,599.

The high end is a 133MHz Pentium Aspire minitower with 16Mb of RAM, a 1.6Gb hard drive, five-speed CD-ROM and a 28.8 data/fax modem - with an estimated street price of $2,999.

Acer's Aspire monitors are available in 14-inch analog for an estimated $299 street price, or 15-inch and 17-inch digital for $399 and $799, respectively.
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Title Annotation:Acer America Corp. offers new colors and features in Aspire series
Author:Ryan, Ken
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Sep 11, 1995
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