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Acer America launches industry's only 14.1" convertible Tablet PC.

Acer America Corporation, a worldwide supplier of Tablet PCs, has introduced the only convertible Tablet PC with a 14.1" display, the TravelMate C300. Featuring Intel Centrino mobile technology, the TravelMate C300 continues Acer's legacy of providing innovative Tablet and Notebook PC's to end-users who demand a combination of performance and functionality. The TravelMate C300 delivers the flexibility of ink and text input, breakthrough performance, best-in-class connectivity options, and a big 14.1" XGA display with a full-size keyboard and an internal, modular optical drive.

"Acer's Tablet PC heritage began with the world's first convertible Tablet PC, the TravelMate C100. The first commercially available Centrino-based Tablet PC was Acer's TravelMate C110. The legacy now continues with our latest industry-leading Tablet PC, the TravelMate C300, the first convertible Tablet PC to feature a full-sized display and keyboard," said Jeffrey Friederichs, vice president, Notebook Business Unit, Acer America. "Acer is focused on bringing Tablet functionality to the masses because we feel that Tablet PC features should be as common as a USB or Firwire port. The performance and size of the TravelMate C300 will allow end-users to utilize this newest Tablet not only as a mobile solution, but also as a desktop replacement system in corporate environments."

Representing Intel's best innovation for mobile PCs, Intel Centrino mobile technology includes an Intel Pentium M ultra low voltage processor, together with related chipsets and 802.11b wireless network functions that have been optimized, tested and validated to work together. In addition to wireless communication, Intel Centrino mobile technology includes features designed to extend battery life, as well as a thinner and lighter design, and outstanding mobile performance.

In addition to the hardware innovations, the TravelMate C300 boasts several software enhancements. The on-screen Soft Button feature offers easy, centralized access to applications, wireless and modem connections, volume controls and screen rotation via an intuitive interface. An integrated Smart Vision light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness to one of four default settings based on available ambient light, thereby allowing the LCD to be more easily readable in sunny environments. Screen brightness can also be adjusted via hotkeys in notebook mode or by using the Acer Soft Button functionality while in Tablet mode.

"Since the announcement of the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC operating system last year, Acer has consistently delivered new and innovative Tablet PC designs to the marketplace," said Andrew Dixon, Director of Marketing, Tablet PC Division at Microsoft Corp. "With the addition of next-generation Tablet PCs, like the TravelMate C300, consumers will benefit from a great selection of products that bring the simplicity and power of digital ink to the everyday PC experience. This machine is an excellent fit in the office, at home or anywhere your mobile life takes you."

Offering an unprecedented set of features, including up to 1.7 GHz clock speeds via an Intel Pentium M processor and built-in wireless connectivity, the TravelMate C300 updates Acer's award-winning convertible design that allows the unit to be used in either conventional notebook mode with keyboard or tablet mode with the provided stylus. Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11b LAN support allows users to connect to widely available wireless networks.

This convertible Acer Tablet incorporates up to a 60GB ATA/100 removable hard drive and the hot swappable AcerMedia bay that enables users to access data on a variety of media including a DVD/CD-RW combo drive or DVD-Dual drive, or for the insertion of a second battery for a maximum of 8-hour battery life. Preloaded with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system and weighing just 6.2 pounds, the TravelMate C300 provides the freedom and flexibility for mobile users in a full-sized notebook system.

The Acer TravelMate C300 offers a brilliant 14.1" XGA display, up to 2GB of DDR333 SDRAM, and an Intel integrated graphics chipset for outstanding multimedia performance. In addition to wireless 802.11b, the TravelMate offers 2 USB 2.0 ports, an IEEE 1394 port, 10/100 LAN connection, and a 56K V.92 modem.

Several versatile applications that take advantage of the unique inking capabilities of a Tablet PC will be pre-installed on the new Acer TravelMate C300, including: Alias SketchBook Pro--to transform the tablet PC into a digital sketchbook; Zinio Reader--for a fully realized digital magazine; and Franklin Covey TabletPlanner--to maximize the power of the Tablet PC with its organizer and schedule management features.

"The Acer TravelMate C300 has been designed for users who are looking to integrate the advantages of convertible Tablet PC's, including switching between typing on the keyboard and writing directly on the screen with the EMR pen that comes with the system, while maintaining a more commonly found form factor," said Steve Schuldt, vice president of corporate sales at CDW, a leading provider of technology products and services to business, government and education. "The size, performance and features of the TravelMate C300 will be attractive to a broad set of customers looking to take advantage of the latest in mobile wireless technology."

The Acer TravelMate C300 series is available through Acer authorized resellers throughout North America with prices starting at $2299.
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