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Accused of abuse, Nadarajah says 'made my money' before becoming Batu Caves temple chairman.

Batu Caves Hindu temple chairman Tan Sri R. Nadarajah has responded to prevailing rumours and suspicions of his personal wealth, insisting these were due to jealousy against him.

Claiming there was an 'inside job' to depose him, he insisted he accumulated his wealth through hard work since his younger days when he had worked as a wireman, metre cleaner and technician before graduating to becoming a contractor.

'I did so much work. Government works I did when (now Tun) Datuk S. Samy Vellu was minister. I did a lot of projects,' he said during a recent interview.

'So I earned my money, and with what I gained, I bought some assets here and there.

Nadarajah still runs the contracting business with his son today and said he received a windfall after securing the job for a road project from Petaling Jaya to Subang.

Aside from trying to explain the source of his wealth, Nadarajah also insisted that it was impossible for him to have embezzled temple funds as rumoured.

'How can I take, I ask you? There are three people and all the properties (of Batu Caves) are under the trustees. I didn't take any of this money,' he said.

In June last year, the Agamam Ani Hindu Association group reportedly held a press conference demanding an explanation from the Batu Caves temple over alleged irregularities.

The fledgling group also demanded a clearout of the temple committee.

Nadarajah rubbished the allegations and maintained that these were motivated by envy as he chose to 'live well'.

'Jealousy. Jealousy. They can't take it that a metre-reader is now in this stature. That Nadarajah is building his own home.

'When I take a loan to build my house, they say someone pumped the money. I just throw the burden on God, and move on,' he said.

Despite organising the press session to fend off the allegations, Nadarajah also insisted that he has mellowed and no longer wanted to fight.

The 75-year-old also vehemently rejected rumours that he was positioning his son to take over as the temple committee chairman.

Nadarajah said this was also part of the conspiracy against him and insisted that it was not his place to decide his successor as the position was elected.

'If he (my son) wants to become a chairman, let him contest me and come. I have been saying that everybody can contest me. Anybody,' said Nadarah.

Nadarajah also conceded that he was among those investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in March, but directed questions on this to his lawyers.

The MACC was investigating a 2014 land deal and arrested three people from the temple committee for its investigation.

Anti-graft officers also searched a home belonging to one temple official and two luxury vehicles parked outside.

MACC officers also raided the Sri Mahamariamman Devasthanam temple office in Batu Caves.

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Publication:Malay Mail Online (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
Date:Aug 2, 2019
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