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Accuracy Arms pistol sights.

Handgunners looking for something different in iron sights, particularly for silhouette shooting, should have a look at some new products from a Detroit firm, Accuracy Arms. They offer both front and rear sight fixtures for the Thompson/Center Contender, Remington XP-100, Ruger and Matco custom barrels. Custom bases are available to fit almost any handgun.

The front sight is unique in that it consists of two pieces, the base and the hood, and features a blade that's adjustable for both height and width. The blade is threaded on the bottom and screws into a threaded hole in the special base. It's locked in place by a set screw located on the right side of the front base. By screwing the sight in and out it's possible to achieve a minimum front blade height of .325 inch and a maximum height of .510 inch. Probably the greatest benefit to be realized from this blade is that it can be rotated, increasing the width until you get just the perfect fit in the rear sight notch. Minimum front blade width is .047 inch, maximum width is .146 inch. This lets you adjust the blade to give the side clearance between front blade and rear notch that suits you best.

Once you have the front blade regulated to your liking for height and width, you lock it in place with the set screw. Then you slip the hood in place with the set screw. Then you slip the hood in place and lock it down by tightening two hex-head screws in the base.

There are two variations on the rear sight--some with a rear sight bridge, others without it--and you have a choice between a Bo-Mar rear sight or a Thompson/Center rear sight that's been modified by Accuracy Arms. The bridge, which raises the rear sight, attaches to the gun with screws using the holes provided for the factory sight. The sight itself attaches to the bridge. No drilling, tapping or special tools are required to mount the Accuracy Arms front and rear sight units and they come with complete, easy to follow instructions.

Another feature of these new sights is that they afford adjustment of the sight radius. The Accuracy Arms front and rear sights I tested were made for the Contender and when properly mounted on my Super 14 7mm T/CU, I set the sight radius at 13-11/16 inches.

At the range I found the sights to work very well. Their primary purpose, as I said earlier, is for silhouette shooting, but they should work fine for hunting. The only disadvantage to them on a hunting gun is that, because of the hood up front and the raised rear bridge, a custom holster would be required.

The Accuracy Arms 3D front sight retails for $89.95. A Bo-Mar rear sight for the XP-100 Remington is $69.96. The rear sight bridge with a Bo-mar sight is $109.95 while with a T/C sight the price is $64.95. If you buy the Accuracy Arms/Bo-Mar sight package for the T/C you pay $179.95 while the same package for the XP-100 is $145.95. The sight package for the T/C, Matco or Ruger with the T/C rear sight and bridge is $139.95. You save from $13.95 to $19.95 by buying the package, the amount of savings depending on the rear sight being used. In addition, you can save an extra $10 if you return a 1982 or newer Thompson/Center rear sight with your order.

For details on these new pistol sights, write to Accuracy Arms, 677 W. Hollywood, Dept. GA, Detroit, MI 48023.
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Author:Milek, Bob
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Date:Sep 1, 1984
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