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Accunomics Launches Blog Focused on Profitability Modeling and Optimization and Corporate Financial Performance.

The Science of Profitability is a new blog published by Accunomics, the global management consultancy focused on profitability optimization. Its goal is to promote a conversation about the best practices used by companies to achieve greater profitability.

NEW YORK -- Accunomics, the global management consultancy focused on profitability optimization, today formally launched The Science of Profitability, a blog designed as an open forum for discussing best practices and strategies for modeling, analyzing and optimizing corporate profitability.

The blog will feature charts, data, videos and discussion on a variety of topics of interest to academics, practitioners, executives and managers concerned with solving the challenges of optimizing profitability. Examples of recent posts include:

* Fully loading logistics overhead and inbound freight costs into a profitability model as an important step in identifying margin leakages driven by geographic distances;

* Driving corporate change, and installing a culture of profitability improvement, through the use of business-wide strategic imperatives;

* Optimizing operating expenses through the use of an "Internal Value Survey" of General Managers, and ultimately determining which of the support services being charged to their business units are truly critical to their performance; and

* Protecting R& D departments from non-essential demands of other departments, and becoming sink-holes of cost.

Accunomics Managing Partner Bob Shaw said, "The challenge of achieving greater profitability has never been greater, given the flat economic picture and deflationary pressures, especially on commodities. At the same time, there is a wealth of ideas and data about how to optimize profitability, particularly for companies that are at the limit of customer acquisition and sales volume. The Science of Profitability blog is intended as a forum both for the best thinking about profitability and as a resource for practical tips and strategies for optimizing profitability right now."

"Large corporations are awash in data, especially financial data, as a result of their significant investments in enterprise IT applications over the past decade," said Adam Dreiblatt, Accunomics Partner and the head of its International practice. "Yet, there's still much work to be done in analyzing the data and in making it actionable for managers. We envision The Science of Profitability blog as a rich resource for those interested in gaining insights into corporate financial data, and translating those insights into improved profitability."

"Accunomics' profitability optimization process is based on rigorous profitability modeling and data analysis," continued Shaw. "Through our process, our consultants gain a unique perspective on management accounting, financial reporting and decision support, and the data that underlies those processes. The Science of Profitability will provide interesting illustrations of these processes in action, both through documenting our own work and by referencing other compelling ideas that we find on the web."

The blog is accessible at, and via Accunomics' web site at Accunomics encourages readers to offer their comments, and subscribe to the blog's RSS feed at

About Accunomics

Accunomics LLC is a global management consultancy with a singular focus on delivering its proven profit optimization process. Accunomics develops granular, transparent, and accountable profitability information using a client's own financial data, and then leverages that information to make precise adjustments to businesses' strategies and operations. Ultimately, profitability information is disseminated across the organization to instill an on-going culture of profitability optimization. For more information, please visit our website at
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Date:Dec 14, 2010
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