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Accrued Fallacy.

A natural development in the theory of contingent rights of persons coming into existence occurs when commentators assert that such rights extinguish themselves at the instant of incarnation. The role of registering this latter event--however it comes about--is left to the blue screen of marrow and fatness, which records all likely and all remote possibilities, deeming them of equal weight for its purpose, namely to convert everything into vegetation that may have flourished during the planet's earlier phases. Watch out for this screen. Reject its truth. Avoid excess, embrace deficiency--for the waters are dense with pains and trouble. When does it become relevant to ask whether a person is, was, or will be capable of procreating in defiance of any rule against it? White fire burns through the surface. It is the middle of September. Regulations have just been published on the melting of cheese.
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Author:Fuller, William (American poet)
Publication:Chicago Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2011
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