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How auditors can test inventory without a site visit: The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult or impossible to physically inspect inventory, but sufficient appropriate evidence can still be observed and documented. Dohrer, Bob; Tysiac, Ken Apr 1, 2020 2572
California Insurance Commissioner Wants Inventory Requirements Eased for 2018 Wildfire Survivors. Oct 4, 2018 351
Inventory Valuation Adjustment to Nonfarm Incomes by Legal Form of Organization and by Industry. Statistical table Oct 1, 2018 496
Change in private inventories by industry. Statistical table Sep 1, 2015 714
Retailers hold up plan to simplify inventory accounting. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 109
Inventory and credit decisions under day-terms credit linked demand and allowance for bad debts. Aggarwal, K.K.; Tyagi, Arun Kumar Report Jan 1, 2014 6534
Accounting for the cost of unused capacity in an economic downturn: companies' responses to SFAS 151. Foster, Benjamin P.; Baxendale, Sidney J. May 1, 2013 4592
Valuing inventory at the lower of cost or market: considering the challenges involved. Wampler, Bruce; Holt, Travis Jan 1, 2013 4319
Allocation of Sec. 263A costs addressed in prop. Regs. Nevius, Alistair M. Nov 1, 2012 435
Master budget project: Production report. Cox, Patricia Statistical data Sep 1, 2012 803
IRS issues prop. Regs, on retail-inventory method. Wilkins, Roger; Tucker, Natalie Apr 1, 2012 1833
Proposed regs. relating to the retail-inventory method. Watkins, Tracy Feb 1, 2012 737
PBUSE automatic identification technology phase II: Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced now has an automatic identification technology capability that assists unit supply users to perform their duties more efficiently. Laudan, John E.; Freeland, Lonna Jan 1, 2012 1510
An economic order quantity model with shortages, price break and inflation. Onawumi, A.S.; Oluleye, O.E.; Adebiyi, K.A. Report Sep 1, 2011 3259
No equivocating: expense those idle capacity costs. Ewer, Sid R.; Keller, Craig; Olson, Stevan K. Jun 1, 2010 2891
Treatment of defective merchandise allowances may provide guidance for other trade discounts. Newell, Christine J.; Kalis, Frank J., Jr. Jun 1, 2010 1362
IRS issues fifth directive on the allocation of mixed service costs. Ford, Robert; Suttora, John Jun 1, 2010 1634
Vendor allowances for defective merchandise reduce inventory cost. Maples, Larry Feb 1, 2010 496
Monitoring expenses: many factors weigh on total costs spent. Donhauser, Ken; Donhauser, Kenneth R. Aug 1, 2009 1053
How accurate are Chinese costing practices? Lawson, Raef Survey May 1, 2009 3316
N.H. stimulus info now online. Brief article Mar 13, 2009 124
Administration, to go. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 161
Transportation managers: Remember the DC. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 105
National income. Statistical table Aug 1, 2007 1045
IRS provides replacement cost safe harbor for heavy equipment dealers. Salza, John F. May 1, 2006 447
TEI urges retention of the LIFO inventory method. May 1, 2006 1145
Self-constructed property eligible for simplified capitalization methods. O'Driscoll, David Oct 1, 2005 941
Service scrutinizes inventory. Leib, Irwin A. Jun 1, 2005 2990
Radio frequency identification: the wave of the future; as bar codes give way to RFID tags, accounting for inventory will go high-tech. Luehlfing, Michael S. Nov 1, 2004 3016
Inventory set to rise after five stagnant years: there could be as much as an 11% increase in inventory volume this current economic cycle. Haughey, Jim Aug 1, 2004 516
IRS eases change to simplified UNICAP rules . Ochsenschlager, Thomas P. Feb 1, 2003 627
S corporation conversion doesn't trigger LIFO recapture. Friske, Karyn Bybee Sep 1, 2002 722
The world of barter: you can manage your inventory and enhance the sale of products and services through some new-fashioned horse trading. (Cost Management). Mardak, Don Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 1713
Final regs. simplify LIFO IPIC method. Smith, Annette B. Jul 1, 2002 1396
The "simplified" IPIC method. Leib, Irwin Jun 1, 2002 2170
Simplified LIFO can ease compliance, boost tax savings. Goldberg, Michael J. Feb 1, 2002 355
Continuation of LIFO benefits following a sec. 721 transfer. O'Connell, Frank J., Jr. Sep 1, 2001 1059
Inventory: The Search for Parameters. Segal, Mark A. Aug 1, 2001 2311
Taking the complexity out of simplified LIFO. Howard, Bruce Jul 1, 2001 3109
Rev. proc. simplifies LIFO method for used-vehicle dealers. Madden, David Jun 1, 2001 1199
Aggregate approach to partnership causes S Corporation taxation. Schnee, Edward J. Mar 1, 2001 567
S Corporation holding company had to recapture pro rata share of LIFO reserves. Fiore, Nicholas J. Jan 1, 2001 1142
Prop. regs. simplify LIFO IPIC Method. O'Connell, Frank J., Jr. Sep 1, 2000 953
Changing an impermissible LIFO method. Smith, Maureen H. Apr 1, 2000 5409
Taxpayers win round in cash method battle. Navani, Vinay S. Apr 1, 2000 537
La Crosse Footwear Further Limits Benefit of Bargain Inventory Purchases. Bruce, Judi Mar 1, 2000 555
Acquisition price establishes base-year cost of bargain inventory. Rohrs, Jane Jan 1, 2000 1321
LIFO recordkeeping and compliance. Miller, Louis J. Sep 1, 1999 1096
Voluntary LIFO method change can forestall IRS challenge. Seeland, John E. Jul 1, 1999 1440
Prohibition against use of replacement cost by LIFO taxpayers clarified. Afeman, Lynn Jun 1, 1999 1131
Tax-free basis step-up for LIFO bargain purchases. Gibbs, Paul K. Jun 1, 1999 1475
An alternative approach for computing dollar-value LIFO. Harper, Robert M., Jr.; Patterson, Denise M. Dec 1, 1998 2182
The historic absorption ratio method and TAM 9810003 - will good tax policy be turned bad? Guarascio, Herbert J. Nov 1, 1998 1193
IPIC as an alternative to regular LIFO. Staley, Dan Jul 1, 1998 876
Violations of LIFO conformity rule and relief procedures under Rev. Proc. 97-44. Servatius, Ann P. Mar 1, 1998 1122
Separate-item treatment for bargain-purchased inventory. Herndon, Diane P. Jan 1, 1998 498
Inventory price index computation method for LIFO inventories. Hajduch, Mark A. Brief Article Sep 1, 1997 687
S elections and LIFO recapture. Hackney, Jeffery A. Sep 1, 1997 760
Base-year updates can improve quality of LIFO calculations, yet are hard to come by. Staley, Dan Jul 1, 1997 1043
Estimating inventory shrinkage. Bayles, Cristy M. Jul 1, 1997 580
LIFO accounting methods. Koroghlanian, Michelle Apr 1, 1997 1267
Inventory shrinkage accrual method. Henne, Carl Mar 1, 1997 680
Sec. 351 transfers as "bargain purchases." Kalis, Frank J., Jr. Jun 1, 1996 473
Change in accounting method for trade discounts. Luchs, Lorin D. May 1, 1996 1066
LIFO dual index method. Garrett, Rich Apr 1, 1996 353
Automobile dealers' LIFO conformity. Devlin, Frank Mar 1, 1996 490
Three IRS papers on LIFO inventory. Rosselli, Robert V. Mar 1, 1996 982
Rotable spare parts. Henne, Carl Mar 1, 1996 1166
Coordinated Issue Paper released on bargain purchases. Vance, Scott W. Jan 1, 1996 659
When the automatic change procedure of Rev. Proc. 94-49 applies. Smith, Annette B. Apr 1, 1995 1328
Reporting options when beginning inventory is unobserved. Alderman, C. Wayne; Godwin, Norman H. Mar 1, 1995 1254
New revenue procedure on LIFO recapture yields unexpected result. Helmer, David H. Jan 1, 1995 998
Detection of inventory fraud. Finney, Sharon Gary; Malone, Charles F.; Cooper, William D. Dec 1, 1994 1657
Dividend behavior surrounding LIFO adoption. Ettredge, Michael; Kim, Jeong Youn Sep 22, 1994 5873
IRS continues challenge of the components-of-cost LIFO method. Conjura, Carol Jun 1, 1994 1517
The alternative minimum tax. Slivinsky, Barry Jun 1, 1994 4900
AMT inventory adjustments on change from LIFO to FIFO. Josephs, Stuart R. May 1, 1994 431
Estimated inventory shrinkage is not a reserve - or is it? Kempke, Robert E. Mar 1, 1994 882
Historic absorption ratio provides easier administration of sec. 263A uniform cost capitalization. Lee, Andrew B. Jan 1, 1994 830
LIFO and S corporation elections. Biebl, Andrew R. Brief Article Nov 1, 1993 204
Perry implements major restructuring. Dec 10, 1990 479
Inventory. Born, Bernice Drewyor column Jan 1, 1990 655
Reporting the effects of excess inventories. Cheatham, Carole Nov 1, 1989 1964

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