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Accounting Software and the Microcomputer: A Practical Guide to Evaluation and Implementation.

Accounting Software and the Microcomputer: A Practical Guide to Evaluation & Implementation, by Irwin Winsten, John Wiley & Sons, 605 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10158-0012, 1990, 356 pp., $85.

The author examines some of the 5 major reasons it is difficult to obtain precise information about accounting software. The complexity of it, the rapidly changing needs of users and the lack of standardized terminology in advertising all have helped make the buying decision difficult. He discusses the many issues that should be resolved and the features considered before recommending the selection of a software system for client use.

Installation and file conversion issues are covered as well, although in a relatively nontechnical manner. An appendix provides comparative information about different software packages, organized by application inventory, accounts receivable, etc.) and reproductions of menus and other screens the user will encounter. This is a good book for practitioners with limited computer expertise and for accountants in industry who are not "power users. "
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Author:Fogg, Stephen L.
Publication:Journal of Accountancy
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 1, 1991
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