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Accountability Court Judge rejects Maryam's allegations.

ISLAMABAD -- Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik on Sunday said the video shown by PML (N) leader Maryam Safdar at a news conference last day was fake, contrary to facts and assumptive.

In a press release issued here by the Judge of Accountability Court-II Arshad Malik, the Judge said the news conference was aimed at making his decision controversial, to achieve political motives and damage reputation of his family and department.

He explained his position on the video attributed to him by saying that it was contrary to facts and legal action should be taken against the elements behind this video.

Judge Arshad Malik clarified that the conversation that took place on different occasions was presented out of context. He said it was cut and edited and was not reflective of what he said.

During the hearing of case against Nawaz Sharif and his family, he said they tried to bribe him by their representatives and when he didn't cooperate, they threatened him.

"I rejected all their offers and expressed determination to stay on righteous path. I hand over my life and property to Almighty Allah,' he added.

"If I had to succumb to pressure or threats, I wouldn't acquit him in one case and convict him in the other", he asserted, adding, "I did justice following evidences and convicted Nawaz in the Avenfield case and acquitted him in the Flagship case".

The judge also made it clear that there was neither direct nor indirect pressure on him and he decided the case according to merit and the law. He said the news conference was aimed at making his decisions controversial and to achieve political motives.

In the initial portion of the press release, Judge Arshad Malik said that he was resident of Rawalpindi and used to practice law before becoming Judge. He said that Nasir Butt belonged to the same city and he knew him for a long time.

The Judge said Nasir Butt and his brother Abdullh Butt had met him at many occasions on different timings in past. However, he termed the video completely fake assumptive and demanded legal action against those involved in this activity.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 8, 2019
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