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Acclaimed Author Candace Conradi Creates Special Gift for Fans in Advance of Holidays to Thank Readers for Overwhelming Response to Her Book: "The Gentle Pine's Purpose".

San Diego, CA, December 02, 2012 --( In keeping with the Holiday spirit, and in an effort to reach those who may not even celebrate Christmas, Candace Conradi knew she wanted to do something special to thank her many fans who warmly embraced the debut of her last year's critically lauded book: “The Gentle Pine's Purpose.” The result: a charming new companion “read along” video narrated by Conradi herself that not only fully embraces the spirit of the original book, but enhances it by giving it greater depth and richer meaning.

Designed to appeal to young and old alike, “The Gentle Pine's Purpose” follows the changing chapters and seasons of the Gentle Pine as it slowly matures and grows, thus paralleling the natural tendencies we all feel as human beings to continue to seek to identify our own life's calling, purpose and meaning. With inimitable wit, style, and grace, the book asks the gentle but important questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose? Am I really good enough? And, in the end, are we more than our life experiences?

While the story was inspired during the 2010 Christmas season, Conradi says the Gentle Pine's message continues to evolve. Almost without exception when the book is read aloud, the response of adults to the story's message triggers “a deep call within us to reconnect with our childlike wonder and joy. But it also reminds us that it is in the mature life, if reflected upon, that we can find the inner hidden purpose we each long to know. We don't have to wait until our life ends or a tragedy occurs to stop and reflect upon the value of our life. The Gentle Pine found its way to what we all hope for: that our life matters. Everyone's life matters. It is this intrinsic knowing available to everyone where peace is found and passes all understanding.”

Reviews of the “The Gentle Pine's Purpose” have been universally positive.

Wendy Olson, a teacher, musician and song writer based in Washington notes: “With a lyrical style, Candace has crafted a delightful story, whose literal interpretation alone, wraps itself around you like a blanket. The Gentle Pine will capture the awe of its youngest readers, as well as inspire the adults who share this heartfelt story with their young audiences to ponder the underlying richness of its spiritual message.”

Wendy Craig Purcell, Spiritual Leader, Author, and Speaker observes: “It's a great family read to encourage sweet and meaningful conversation and a lovely way to help children begin to discover their own purpose. I have no doubt that Gentle Pine will touch the hearts of every child who reads it or hears it read... and I rather suspect it will touch that innocent place in every adult who reads it as well.”

To find out more about Conradi's upcoming release of The Gentle Pine's Purpose video, her future plans to work with youth organizations that focus on prevention of cyber abuse and bullying and her charitable work please visit her website at

About the Author:

In addition to having created “The Gentle Pine's Purpose,” author Candice Conradi was recently featured as a local author by San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine at their final Artist and Author 2012 fund raising event that showcases local artist's work. She is currently scheduled to appear with Stacey Canfield, author of “The Soul Sitters Handbook: What To Do When Your loved One Is Dying” at a book signing at Barnes and Noble in San Diego, California, to support Light One Little Candle (a non-profit book library supported by Moores Cancer Center). Conradi has been a featured local author at Warwick Books in La Jolla California. She has appeared on Channel 6, The Morning Show, in San Diego, and on the San Diego Padres pregame show as well as local and national radio shows.

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Date:Dec 2, 2012
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