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Accessories for guns and reloading.

One of the more interesting things about this sport shooting business is the way markets for certain accessories pop up. The most recent thrust into an accessory demand seems to have been generated by the people at Armsport Inc. (Dept. SI, 3590 NW 49th St., Miami, FL 33142), who have been doing a brisk sales with their spring-loaded, plastic see-through snap caps.

Snap caps have always been a part of the scene in Europe and England; many of the classic handmade doubles are routinely delivered with a pair in the case. They are a nice touch, but they're more than that, of course. Snap caps are used to increase the life of firing pins and main springs by letting the gun owner drop the hammer and striker after cleaning and closing the gun without letting the pin fall on an empty chamber, which can weaken and eventually cause firing pin breakage. This protects the firing pin from damage and relaxes the main spring.

Armsport's snap caps are made of high-tech plastic and brass primers that are spring loaded and will take lots of firing pin falls in shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Rifles and pistols? Yup, because Armsport didn't stop with scatterguns (which it supplies in 10, 12, 16 and 20 gauge and .410 bore), but it also makes snap caps for the popular rifle and handgun chambers like the .38 Special, .44 calibers, .45 ACP, 9mm Luger, .30-06, .270 Win., .357 Magnum, 223,.308 Win., .380 ACP, .32 ACP, and .243 Win. These are made to factory specs and will feed through magazines. The snap caps made to work in handgun and rifle chambers have been given plastic bullets to confirm to industry lengths. Thus hand gunners and riflemen can also drop their guns' firing pins to relax the mainspring without fearing a potentially damaging condition setting in at the ring pin.

Before leaving Armsport, Inc., I must mention that they are importing nickel-plated Napoleon Cannons that are fun for both muzzle-loading hobbyists and for plain display. There are two sizes, one in .75 caliber and another in .45 caliber, both smoothbores, to take balls of .785- and .440inch, respectively.

Contact Armsport at the above address if you're interested. And, by the way, there are 19-set and 38set rotary display assortments of snap caps available to dealers. Your customers can't buy 'em until you've got 'em ! .416 Bullets

I'm hardly the kind of guy who would go varminting with a .416 rifle of any chambering, but these heavy calibers have been attracting a crowd lately and some of the enthusiasts will try anything. One company that specializes in .416 bullets is Northern Precision (Dept. SI, 337 S. James St., Carthage, NY 13619), which turns out from a 200-grain "plinker" for the .416s to obese big-game projectiles made of thick-walled copper tubing. The 200-grain lightweights are given pistol-bullet jackets which are thin so that they'll open on contact (one assumes). Write to them for prices and all weights if you've got interested customers.

Universal Charge Bars

With more and more shotshell reloaders beginning to reload with steel shot, there comes a need to find some versatility in charge bar adjustments so that the correct loads are dropped. The people at Universal Charge Bars (Multi-Scale Charge Ltd., Dept. SI, P.O. Box 101 LPO, Niagara Falls, NY 14304) have taken up the challenge and developed a pair of adjustable shotshell reloading charge bars for various presses. Their Model C" steel shot bar fits the MEC 600 Jr., 700 Versamec, Sizemaster 77, MEC 600, 400, 250, and 250 Super reloaders along with the Texan LT, GT, and FW.

The Model "D" universal Charge Bar is intended for the MEC 650, the Grabber, and the Hustler and Hydromec. These will come in handy for a lot of hunters - and dealers ! Prairie News

Do you have your shop in an area where varminting is popular? If so there's a magazine printed specifically for varmint hunters known as the Prairie News. The price is $18.00 a year, including membership in the International Varmint Hunter quarterly magazine. The association is at 2615 N. 4th St., Suite 603, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 (208/772-7261). The magazine is given to equipment and reloading and techniques.

P.M. Enterprises Parts

Looking for new "reproduction" parts for the pre-'64 Winchester Model 70s? An outfit known as P.M. Enterprises, 146 Curtis Hill Rd., Chelalis, WA 98532 is turning them out. A dollar will bring you their catalog.

Lead Shot from Scottshot

Information coming my way indicates that there's a new manufacturer of lead shot starting up operations on the West Coast. Known as

Scottshot," this operation is headed by Larry Scott, who has been a well traveled trap shooter for about a quarter of a century. The company is at P.O. Box 1206, Ventura, CA 93002 (805/648-6983).

The interesting thing about Scottshot is that it is made by the German devised short-drop method which doesn't necessitate a tall drop tower. The entire machinery and emissions are within a low building, and the emissions are said to be readily controlled.

According to early information, Scottshot will be made in the target sizes, namely, No. 7 through 9. Yes, I said No. 7! Apparently this inclusion of No. 7 shot is for the long-range trap shooters who play the buddy games like Annie Oakley and use heavy shot charges of 1-1/4 ounces or more. Quite frankly, I always thought the straight No. 7 was a great grouse pellet and one suited for a lot of other upland birds. The current plan is to keep pellets within .002inch of industry standard diameters.

Choke Tube Lube

If you've got shotgunners who complain about their choke tubes either working loose or sticking tight, you might remind them of Birchwood Casey's Choke Tube Lube. It does a variety of things, including the prevention of sticking tubes due to corrosion! The lube is a compound of fine metallic particles of aluminum, nickel, and graphite, the combination of which doesn't evaporate. Moreover, the lube supports the choke tubes against the the stresses of steel shot by virtue of these particles of metal filling the threads. And although the lube is mainly supposed to prevent seizure, it also helps hold the tubes in place during sustained firing.

Birchwood Labs is at Eden Prairie, MN 55344, but its products are also well distributed and shown in myriad catalogs. Any dealer should be able to find them quickly in wholesale listings. This tube lube seems like a good item to have on the front counter these days.
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