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Accessible Voting Technology.

On July 14, PVA Advocacy staff testified at a hearing sponsored by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) regarding its Accessible Voting Technology Initiative. EAC is a federal agency created by Congress to administer the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). One of HAVA's priorities is access to voting for people with disabilities. The Initiative commits $5 million to researching technological solutions for voting systems that ensure people with disabilities can vote in a private and independent manner.

PVA urged EAC to define "accessible" based on the VoluntaryVoting System Guidelines (VVSG). Further, any paper ballot that is an official vote record must be accessible, and an independent testing process must be in place to verify that a voting system conforms to the VVSG access requirements.

PVA noted that current ballot-marking devices require voters with disabilities to manually handle paper to verify and cast their ballot. As a result, voters with motor disabilities cannot verify or cast the paper ballot privately or independently. Secondly, voters with vision disabilities cannot verify the paper ballot privately and independently.

To view the testimony, visit / Page Server?pagename=rights_voting.

EAC has certified the Assure 1.2 voting system by Premier Election Solutions, which includes optical-scan and direct recording electronic device (DRE) technology, to the 2002 Voting System Standards.

Laboratory test plans, test reports and related information about the Premier Assure 1.2 are posted at

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