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Accent on safety.


Memorial Day marks the start of the "101 Critical Days of Summer" campaign. As we know from history the spring and summer months from Memorial Day through Labor Day traditionally present higher than normal risks for off-duty mishaps. We also experience a much higher fatality rate during this time period. To keep our ACC family safe, a heightened state of awareness and the practice of good risk management both on an off the job are necessary to mitigate risks.

We need to stay alert for the temptations and risks that claim way too many members of our AGO family. All too often common sense is not so common. So let's keep in mind the basics ...

* Refuse to let your friends drink and drive ... require a designated driver!

* Wear all your personal protective equipment ... seat belts, helmets, life vests!

* Maintain control of your vehicle ... and remember speed kills!

* Don't count on being lucky ... be prepared for things to go wrong!

* Remember that fatigue is not your friend ... have a good plan and stick to it!

* Know the risks involved in everything you do ... keep your risks to a minimum!

* If you can't reduce the risks to an acceptable level ... "knock-it-off" and don't do it!

* Demand that your subordinates, friends, and families manage their risks, too!

Enjoy your well-deserved vacations, reunions, summer sports, celebrations, and leaves, and let's all have a successful, enjoyable, and safe 101 Critical Days.

Colonel Kevin W. Smith, ACC Chief of Safety
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Title Annotation:safety tips for military personnel
Publication:Combat Edge
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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