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AccelGraphics introduces high performance 3D graphics on Windows NT with the debut of AccelECLIPSE; AccelECLIPSE offers almost twice the 3D performance of Silicon Graphics O2 or Intergraph's Intense 3D Pro 1000.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 7, 1997-- AccelGraphics, Inc., a leading supplier of high performance 3D graphics subsystems and software for Windows(R) platforms, today raised the bar on high performance and full functionality 3D with the announcement of AccelECLIPSE(R).

The company believes that the AccelECLIPSE, which will come in with a CDRS-03 number of 25.1, represents a significant performance improvement compared to Intergraph's Intense 3D Pro 1000 accelerator, which obtains a CDRS-03 number of 13.6, or the Silicon Graphics O2, which also has a CDRS-03 number of 13.6.

Jeffrey Dunn, President and CEO of AccelGraphics stated, "With the addition of AccelECLIPSE at the high end of the AccelGraphics product portfolio, the company now spans a broader 3D acceleration spectrum, with products ranging from $595 to $3,995. The AccelECLIPSE, moves technology from the special purpose space -- such as that served today by Silicon Graphics or high-end Intergraph workstations -- into the mainstream space. One can solve more complex, high-end problems on standard Windows NT workstations."

AccelECLIPSE Offers High End Performance and Functionality

The AccelECLIPSE subsystem is based on leading edge hardware technology, integrating the REALimage chip technology from Evans and Sutherland and high performance 3DRAM display memory from Mitsubishi. The AccelECLIPSE incorporates a 15MB frame buffer memory that provides 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution and offers two million Gouraud shaded, Z buffered, triangles per second. At this resolution, the AccelECLIPSE features full 24-bit color double buffering for superior visual quality and realism and 24-bit Z buffering for handling large models, which are critical in today's professional animation, simulation and MCAD markets. It features eight bits of double-buffered overlays to support high-end applications such as Softimage. The high performance of the AccelECLIPSE is further aided by the subsystems's texture processing capability of up to 60 million bilinear, perspective corrected, texture mapped pixels/second and its 16MB of dedicated texture memory.

Additional features include:

- Tri-linear MIP mapping -- highest quality texture mapping algorithm - Very high quality line antialiasing- eliminates the "jaggy-line"

artifacts for wireframe rendering - Window ID planes -- hardware for fast overlapping windows - Built in VGA eliminates the need for a separate VGA card

AccelECLIPSE is targeted for high-end, open GL applications such as Mechanical CAD, animation, as well as visualization in financial markets, network management and research centers. AccelGraphics will work with application vendors to support and optimize key applications in these markets.

Pricing and Availability

The company intends to begin shipping the AccelECLIPSE subsystems worldwide in Q2 1997. The AccelECLIPSE can be ordered from any authorized AccelGraphics reseller and distributor. List price for AccelECLIPSE starts at $3,495 for the 4MB texture memory version and a three year warranty on parts and labor is included.

The addition of AccelECLIPSE starting at $3,495 is a high end addition to the current product line where the AccelPRO TX, introduced in August 1996, continues to serve the mid range with fast performance and a comprehensive set of 3D features at $2,495. And, at the low end, the AccelSTAR, introduced November 1996, starting at $595 provides hardware support for key 3D features including double buffering, Gouraud shading, Z buffering and texture mapping.

AccelGraphics, Inc.

AccelGraphics, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance, cost-effective, 3D graphics subsystems, software accelerators and application utility software products for the professional Windows NT and Windows 95 markets. AccelGraphics' 3D graphics products enable technical professionals to create and visualize 3D data quickly and interactively. Target markets and applications include designing and modeling of mechanical parts and assemblies, creating animations and special effects such as those used in corporate communications or in entertainment markets. Sales distribution is managed through select VARs, OEMs and technical distributors with expertise in these target markets.

AccelGraphics, Inc. is headquartered in San Jose, California and can be reached via phone at 1-800-444- 5699. FAX: 408-441-1599. E-mail: World Wide Web: . -0-

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CONTACT: AccelGraphics Inc.

Niraj Swarup, 408/441-1556


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Nancy Sheffield, 408/452-8700
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Date:Mar 7, 1997
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