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Acapulco's market just blocks from the beach.

Acapulco's market . . . just blocks from the beach

Acapulco tourists ramble along the ocean-girding Costera boulevard and come away with an impression of discos and high-rise resorts on narrow beaches. Only a few blocks inland, the Acapulquenos who come downtown to shop and see movies at the cine could be going about their business in any small Mexican city. While the town is not the reason for a vacation here, its Central Market reveals that there is more to Acapulco than resorts.

In the market, among the immense stacks of gaudy plastic containers, bundles of curled cinnamon bark and mounds of exotic fruits speak of Acapulco's tropical locale. In the fragrant flower stalls, except for orchids and birds of paradise, the favorites are not tropicals but carnations, white gladiolus, and daisies--all priced at about $1.50 a dozen.

The flower stalls are most active in the cool early morning. Mexicans need no excuse to give flowers for any occasion, but they shower them on important religious milestones: ribbons wrap delicate bouquets for first communion, larger ones are for brides, and vast funerary sprays are anchored in dried weeds tied into the shape of inner-tubes.

The Central Market is at Avenida Constituyentes and Diego Hurtado de Mendoza. Taxis are available for the return trip.

Photo: Floral grandstand brightens Acapulco Central Market; carnation baskets cost $5
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Date:Mar 1, 1984
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