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Academics Confirm UFO Sightings Are Real.

Considering how vast the universe is, it would seem like a great waste of space if we discovered that we are the only living species in the whole cosmos. This is most likely why part of man's space explorations include the search for life on other planets.

For years, however, some witnesses have claimed that there is evidence of alien species around us. In fact, many have claimed to have seen numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFO) hovering above Earth as evidenced by mysterious formations such as crop circles. These are believed to be alien spacecraft manned by creatures not from around here.

But here's the clincher: some scientists believe that there are truly UFOs around us. But this doesn't necessarily mean that alien life exists.

According to a ( report , a study conducted by Alexander Wendt of The Ohio State University and Raymond Duvall of University of Minnesota, titled "Sovereignty and the UFO" argued that society is perhaps not yet ready to accept that a different, much more superior species exist which is why most of learned society accepts only the possibility that there are UFOs but not aliens.

"UFOs have never been systematically investigated by science or the state, because it is assumed to be known that none are extraterrestrial. Yet in fact, this is not known, which makes the UFO taboo puzzling given the ET possibility.... The puzzle is explained by the functional imperatives of anthropocentric sovereignty, which cannot decide a UFO exception to anthropocentrism while preserving the ability to make such a decision. The UFO can be "known" only by not asking what it is," the ( paper said.

The premise is interesting, to say the least because although it does not conclusively confirm the existence of aliens it does mean that major institutions have accepted the possible existence of UFOs. This, in its own, is a major step towards fully understanding and perhaps encouraging more institutions to take alien studies more seriously.

Sans academic support, however, the existence of aliens and the study of UFO have been getting some serious media recognition. Back in 2017, the ( New York Times came out with a substantial story of the Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program is tasked with keeping tabs of UFOs recorded or seen by military pilots which the DoD itself has confirmed.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jun 10, 2019
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