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Academic standards for the student-athelete.

What a striking opening sentence--"With accountability becoming the watchword in athletic administration ...!" That could have been written yesterday instead of 23 years ago and been right on the mark.

What has or hasn't changed since Harry Ostro wrote this A.D.Ministration article?

* Most leagues, counties or associations now have eligibility standards for athletic participation. This means that the athletic director does not have to tackle this issue alone.

* The courts have fairly well established that participation in athletics is a privilege and not a right.

* The question is still raised why athletes are subject to the eligibility process, while students involved in band, theater, yearbook and other extra-curricular activities do not have to meet the same standards.

* Academic monitoring by the coach is still an important aid to help athletes who may struggle in class.

* It is fairly well established that in-season athletes perform better academically than when they aren't playing a sport. The desire to participate and remain eligible fuels an athlete's efforts in the classroom.

* There is no appeal process for athletes who have missed the academic eligibility standards, since participation is not a right and eligibility standards are in place for all member schools. In the 23 years that have passed, these are not decisions that can be made by the central administration or school boards.

Issues such as accountability, monitoring the academic progress of athletes and eligibility standards are still at the forefront of athletic management in 2006.

Dr. David Hoch, CMAA, Baltimore County, MD
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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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