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Articles from Academic Exchange Quarterly (September 22, 2003)

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A collaborative approach to information literacy in the freshman seminar. Lindsay, Elizabeth Blakesley 2792
A course on ordinary differential equations. De La Sen, M. 2984
A framework for evaluating online courses. Peter, David M. 2844
A winning combination: collaboration in inclusion. Fleres, Carol 2964
Access to scientific careers. Hodges, William 2991
Building on students' experiences in teacher education. Griffith, Susan C. 3028
Classroom assessment: learning from students. Kremer, Mary E. 2944
Cognitivism, constructivism, and work performance. Tway, Duane C. 2988
Collaborating across boundaries. Zwald, Victoria 2757
Collaborating to improve literacy outcomes. Benner, Susan M. 3051
Collaboration at the post-secondary level. Austin, Vance 4963
Collaborative development of dispersed experiential opportunities. Bradish, Cheri 2587
Collaborative initiatives supporting inclusive classrooms. Britten, Jody S. 2964
Collaborative voices: one university-school model. Fiszer, Edward 2668
Cultural influences on student learning. Craven, Annette 2056
Distance learning: deaf education collaboration model. Larwood, Lou 3284
Editorial. Editorial 1177
Emerging themes in community-based training. Dreuth-Fewell, Martha 2938
Enhancing collaboration: families as faculty project. Johnson, Stephanie K. 3045
Enhancing information literacy: a practical exemplar. Parsons, Kathryn 2971
ESL freewriting and students' lived experience. Newton, Stephen 5130
Ethnography and case study: a comparative analysis. Court, Deborah 2895
Faculty use of electronic library resources. Griffin, Luke 2956
First year research and writing convergences. Fox, Regina Clemens 2983
Fostering collaboration in urban schools. Adams, Alyson 3064
Graduate cooperative groups: role of perfectionism. Collins, Kathleen M.T. 2905
Improving classroom assessment practices: a collaborative approach. Bath, Barbara B. 2975
Improving student attendance. Kamuche, Felix U., Jr. 2662
Incorporating pupil assessment into teacher preparation. Cepello, Michelle 2535
Increasing students' library confidence. Walters, David L. 3047
Information literacy competencies in social work. Lawler, Sally Haines 4070
Information literacy in a freshman learning community. Matoush, Toby Leigh 3956
Information metacognition: a course case study. Farmer, Lesley S.J. 3297
Integrated holistic approach to poetry instruction. Porcaro, James W. 2717
Interpretive processes in collaborative research. Creamer, Elizabeth 2913
Into the community: collaboration produces learning. Holland, Gloria Palumbo 2955
It's about time! Lengthen student writing. Passman, Roger 2536
Journalism students and information competencies. Bornstein, Jerry 2944
Library instruction assessment in upper-level courses. Neyer, Linda 3106
Literature and international relations. Tremonte, Colleen 3057
Multisensory learning in inclusive classrooms. Thompson, Susan M. 2995
Must we collaborate? Examining cultural contexts. Dingle, Mary 2624
Online IT training for school administrators. Graham, Robert J. 3050
Online learning experience: a case study. Lange, Irene 2963
Paths to understanding. Stepchyshyn, Vera 2895
Peer debriefing: who, what, when, why, how. Spillett, Marydee A. 2713
Positive involvement in parent-teacher collaborative models. Mathis, Kimberly 2950
Preparing practicing teachers to teach in inclusive schools. Hotz, Judith Z. 2311
Preparing special educators through collaborative partnerships. McKay, Donna 2843
Research attitudes of African-American graduate students. Onwuegbuzie, Anthony J. 2973
Revision of prerequisites: ICT tools. Cano-Villalba, Marisa 2952
School collaboration research: successes and difficulties. Murawski, Wendy W. 2923
Senior inquiry: a university/high school collaboration. Patton, Judy 2973
Stumbling toward collaboration. Young, Andria 2980
Successful preparation of teachers of students with disabilities. Davis, Jeanne 2957
Teacher assessment of homework. Aloia, Stephen D. 3956
Teaching mindfully: a spirituality of collaboration. Ackley, Heather Ann 1021
Teaching Needham's Puzzle--fostering historical thinking. Wai, Fan Ka 2878
Technology and learning collaborative: design and implementation. Pengelly, Vicki 2582
Technology-enhanced teacher professional development model. Hargis, Jace 2910
The importance of an internship component in a liberal arts major. Luskay, Maria 2453
Two new evaluation instruments for collaboration. Kang, Rui 2659
Urban partnerships for international affairs service learning. Neathery-Castro, Jody 3037
What are teachers' greatest co-teaching concerns? Ashton, Tamarah M. 2020

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