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Articles from Academic Exchange Quarterly (June 22, 2003)

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Title Author Type Words
A conceptual study of visual training methods. Aik, Chong-Tek 3985
Adopt a School. McMahon, Beth 1468
Analysis of literature seminar Web sites. Shera, Jesse Hauk 2992
Analyzing student journals in a service-learning course. Weisskirch, Robert S. 2962
Applying film theory in teaching fiction. Ostrander, Tammy 2859
Appropriating literature in foreign language classrooms. Mantero, Miguel 2915
At war, with Shakespeare--student development. Derrick, Thomas J. 2923
Beginning teachers and service-learning: lessons learned. Hill-Ward, Laurel 3105
Bridging the gap for pre-service teachers. Patterson, Debra L. 2481
Coaching a high school Science Olympiad team. Robinson, Scott 3742
Communication as critical inquiry in service-learning. Jovanovic, Spoma 2972
Community collaboration to support reentry adult women. Lockhart, Marilyn 3199
Deadline reporting: terrorism on September 11. Kay, Linda 2878
Developing just citizens in Australia. Sheehan, Peter W 3306
Didactics and entertainment on eighteenth century Hungarian stage. Demeter, Julia 2777
Diversity research as service learning. Kiang, Peter Nien-chu 2982
Effect of language program on behavior. Mooney, Paul 2998
Emergency room mode--a service-learning case. Gerdes, Carla 4932
Enriching economics education though service-learning. Wetig, Saundra 2965
Excellent teachers: exploring constructions of teaching. Vallance, R.J. 4840
Foreign language anxiety and student attrition. Daley, Christine E. 2894
Fostering a sense of justice through international service-learning. Monard-Weissman, Kathia 3730
Frankenstein Meets Maslow. Courey, Tamra 2335
Generating social capital in schools through service-learning. Koliba, Christopher J. 5826
Increasing awareness and understanding of students with disabilities. Pace, Darra 6358
Is service learning making the grade? Romack, Jennifer L. 2423
Learning preferences/instruction in General Chemistry. Smith, Doug 3087
Learning-style perceptual preferences of Bruneian students. Pengiran-Jadid, Pengiran Rahmah 3284
Mentoring as service-learning for undergraduates. Swanson, Jane 2597
Middlemarch: Martyrs to circumstances. Icoz, Nursel 5288
Night train's dark lesson. Johnson, Robert (English judge) 2921
Novel pedagogies. Smalley, Ruth Ann 2912
On the road to education for democracy. Weinberg, Adam S. 2977
Opera as an intervention for rural public school children. McGinnis, Pearl Yeadon 3866
Pathways to intergenerational understanding. Ericson, Carolyn Bartick 3024
Profile of learning through service: assessment. Fisk, William 1601
Reflecting on the good life: intergenerational dialogue. Hernandez-Lemus, Alberto 3064
Renaming the world: freeman's revolt of mother. Chiwengo, Ngwarsungu 6573
Role-playing a legend in virtual reality. Yamashiro, Kelly A. 2944
Service learning: implementation and evaluation in a pharmacy curriculum. Turberville-Vega, Vicky 2681
Service-learning for understanding human exceptionality. Mayhew, Jack 3249
Service-learning in preservice teacher education. Erickson, Joseph A. 2918
Service-learning: empowering students with special needs. Gathercoal, Paul 3488
Sign language of the Netherlands (SLN) and deaf culture. Stuifzand, Marjan 2621
Teaching between the genres. Cocchiarale, Michael 2737
Teaching K. A. Porter's "That Tree". Monton, Elena Ortells 2956
Teaching mindfully: learning and teaching through story-telling. Ackley, Heather Ann 695
Teaching multiculturalism post-9/11. Malone, Christopher Todd 5016
Teaching Statistics Courses: some important considerations. Leech, Nancy L. 3955
Teaching the novel and short fiction. Kamm, Lew 523
Teaching the novel in context. McInelly, Brett C. 2884
Technology professional development: a case study. Burton, Dolores T. 2910
The government's efforts to improve reading of young children. Gupta, Abha 2958
The mind as a novel metaphor. Davis, John K. 2765
The potential for service-learning. Munter, Judith Hope 504
The unteaching of literature: we murder to dissect. Glasser, William A. 3469
The Wellspring: historical writing project. McCarthy, Megan 2273
Undergraduate research as community service. O'Byrne, Kathy 2978
Using technology to enhance service-learning reflections. Neville, Susan 2441
Values gaps among faculty and administrators. Meisenheimer, Marilyn 3249
Visual literacy after 9/11. Russell, Alison 2971
What educators should know about HIV? Feist-Price, Sonja 4478
Why teachers should also write. Kiefer, Kate 2615
Writing the self through service, a Dietetic Ethics. Lanier-Nabors, Benjamin G. 5158

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