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Academia Industry Synergy Summit.

Numerous initiatives have been taken on Academia Industry Synergy (AIS) Summit, but we are still debating with very little progress. Though every academician and industrialist understands the importance of university- industry liaison but why is it that university and industry are far apart and are mostly in disagreement? Why has the gap between the two sides not been reduced?

The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan - IEEEP, Karachi Center, has stepped forward to provide a platform for both to speak their minds and find a way forward. This summit is not just a moot for academicians and industry, it is an initiative to develop a workable solution to meet the needs and demands of both academia and industry.


- To understand the need and demand of both academia and industry.

- To understand government's role in academia - industry linkage and progress thus far.

- To find a way to interact with each other to better understand the manner of working of both sides.

- To develop working plan to adapt to the needs of each other for focused outcome.

- To find a sustainable and workable solution to meet the needs of both parties.

- To develop open and rigorous mechanism for evaluating progress of A-I collaborations.

- To develop means for knowledge and technology transfer.

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Publication:Pakistan Engineering Review
Date:Aug 31, 2016
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