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Abuse of migrant workers with deep political motives.

The long waiting lines of Albanian migrant workers when entering Macedonia are aimed at demotivating them and making the renounce their Macedonian citizenships. Analysts suspect that a bad strategy is hiding behind all the abuses of Albanian migrant workers. Analyst Xhelal Neziri says that the workers are much more than ordinary tourists.

"Not a single border abuses the migrant worker as the Macedonian does. This increases suspicions that the government wants to demotivate the workers to return home. It is absurd for treating these people like this as the country's economy survived because of them," said Neziri.

Ramadan Ramadani also says that these abuses are aimed at making the workers change their minds about returning home. According to him, the workers have the right to complain to institutions because they are citizens of Macedonia. The Ministry of Interior says that the number of citizens who are entering the country has increased significantly and measures are therefore undertaken.
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Author:Limani, Anila
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jul 10, 2012
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