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Articles from Abstract and Applied Analysis (January 1, 2014)

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[H.sub.[infinity]] control for network-based 2D systems with missing measurements. Xuhui, Bu; Hongqi, Wang; Zheng, Zheng; Wei, Qian Report 4692
[H.sup.[infinity]] control for a networked control model of systems with two additive time-varying delays. Shao, Hanyong; Zhang, Zhengqiang; Zhu, Xunlin; Miao, Guoying Report 4767
A class of transformation matrices and its applications. Liu, Wenhui; Deng, Feiqi; Liang, Jiarong; Liu, Haijun Report 7009
A closed-loop supply chain problem with retailing and recycling competition. Xu, Chuanchao; Li, Bo; Lan, Yanfei; Tang, Yi Report 8021
A compact difference scheme for a class of variable coefficient quasilinear parabolic equations with delay. Gu, Wei Report 3617
A compact-type CIP method for general Korteweg-de Vries equation. Shi, YuFeng; Xu, Biao; Guo, Yan Report 5502
A comparative study of marketing channel multiagent Stackelberg model based on perfect rationality and fairness preference. Wang, Kaihong; Yang, Xu; Sun, Yiwan; Ding, Chuan Report 7119
A comparison of moments-based logo recognition methods. Zhang, Zili; Wang, Xuan; Anwar, Waqas; Jiang, Zoe L. Report 5720
A computational study of an implicit local discontinuous Galerkin method for time-fractional diffusion equations. Wei, Leilei; Zhang, Xindong Report 5496
A divide-and-conquer approach for solving fuzzy max-archimedean t-norm relational equations. Lin, Jun-Lin; Chuan, Hung-Chjh; Khomnotai, Laksamee Report 8087
A family of minimal surfaces and univalent planar harmonic mappings. Dorff, Michael; Muir, Stacey Report 4471
A family of novel exact solutions to (2 + 1)-dimensional KdV equation. Wang, Zhen; Zou, Li; Zong, Zhi; Qin, Hongde Report 3704
A fast Logdet divergence based metric learning algorithm for large data sets classification. Mei, Jiangyuan; Hou, Jian; Chen, Jicheng; Karim, Hamid Reza Report 5948
A filtering algorithm for maneuvering target tracking based on smoothing spline fitting. Liu, Yunfeng; Suo, Jidong; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Liu, Xiaoming Report 2999
A fourth order finite difference method for the good Boussinesq equation. Ismail, M.S.; Mosally, Farida Report 5247
A fractional SEIR epidemic model for spatial and temporal spread of measles in metapopulations. Goufo, Emile Franc Doungmo; Noutchie, Suares Clovis Oukouomi; Mugisha, Stella Report 2538
A galerkin finite element method for numerical solutions of the modified regularized long wave equation. Mei, Liquan; Gao, Yali; Chen, Zhangxin Report 6232
A global optimization algorithm for signomial geometric programming problem. Hou, Xue-Ping; Shen, Pei-Ping; Chen, Yong-Qiang Report 7908
A global optimization approach for solving generalized nonlinear multiplicative programming problem. Yang, Lin-Peng; Shen, Pei-Ping; Pei, Yong-Gang Report 8740
A hand-foot-and-mouth disease model with periodic transmission rate in Wenzhou, China. Zhu, Yeting; Xu, Boyang; Lian, Xinze; Lin, Wang; Zhou, Zumu; Wang, Weiming Report 7680
A hybrid approach by integrating brain storm optimization algorithm with grey neural network for stock index forecasting. Sun, Yanqiu Report 6142
A hybrid forecasting model based on bivariate division and a backpropagation artificial neural network optimized by chaos particle swarm optimization for day-ahead electricity price. Wang, Zhilong; Liu, Feng; Wu, Jie; Wang, Jianzhou Report 20081
A hybrid of DL and WYL nonlinear conjugate gradient methods. Yao, Shengwei; Qin, Bin Report 6612
A lie symmetry classification of a nonlinear fin equation in cylindrical coordinates. Ali, Saeed M.; Bokhari, Ashfaque H.; Zaman, F.D. Report 6110
A meshfree method for numerical solution of nonhomogeneous time-dependent problems. Jiang, Ziwu; Su, Lingde; Jiang, Tongsong Report 5735
A method for generating approximate similarity solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations. Iqbal, Mazhar; Mustafa, M.T.; Siddiqui, Azad A. Report 4135
A modified equation approach to selecting a nonstandard finite difference scheme applied to the regularized long wave equation. Momoniat, E. Report 7643
A modified generalized Laguerre-Gauss collocation method for fractional neutral functional-differential equations on the half-line. Bhrawy, Ali H.; AlZahrani, Abdulrahim; Baleanu, Dumitru; Alhamed, Yahia Report 4237
A multicriteria framework to evaluate supplier's greenness. Falatoonitoosi, Elham; Ahmed, Shamsuddin; Sorooshian, Shahryar Report 8065
A multitarget land use change simulation model based on cellular automata and its application. Yang, Jun; Chen, Fei; Xi, Jianchao; Xie, Peng; Li, Chuang Report 7539
A new adaptive LSSVR with online multikernel RBF tuning to evaluate analog circuit performance. Zhang, Aihua; Chen, Chen; Karimi, Hamid Reza Report 5120
A new approach for the stability analysis of wave networks. Zhang, Ya Xuan; Xu, Gen Qi Report 4359
A new difference sequence set of order a and its geometrical properties. Et, Mikail; Karakaya, Vatan Report 3726
A new finite-time bounded control of stochastic Ito systems with (x, u, v)-dependent noise: different quadratic function approach. Yan, Zhiguo; Lin, Zhongwei Report 5220
A new fractional-order chaotic complex system and its antisynchronization. Jiang, Cuimei; Liu, Shutang; Luo, Chao Report 4103
A new iterative method for finding approximate inverses of complex matrices. Razavi, M. Kafaei; Kerayechian, A.; Gachpazan, M.; Shateyi, S. Report 4343
A new Legendre collocation method for solving a two-dimensional fractional diffusion equation. Bhrawy, A.H. Report 5011
A new method with sufficient descent property for unconstrained optimization. Qian, Weiyi; Cui, Haijuan Report 4418
A new numerical algorithm for two-point boundary value problems. Guo, Lihua; Wu, Boying; Zhang, Dazhi Report 3074
A new quasi-human algorithm for solving the packing problem of unit equilateral triangles. Wang, Ruimin; Qi, Xiaozhuo; Luo, Yuqiang; Dong, Jianqiang Report 5530
A new real-time path planning method based on the belief space. Zhao, Yu-xin; Wu, Xin-an; Ma, Yan Report 8076
A new reconstruction of variational iteration method and its application to nonlinear Volterra integrodifferential equations. Maleknejad, K.; Tamamgar, M. Report 3172
A new wavelet method for solving a class of nonlinear volterra-fredholm integral equations. Wang, Xiaomin Report 3693
A note on the use of generalized sundman anomalies in the numerical integration of the elliptical orbital motion. Orti, Jose Antonio Lopez; Castillo, Francisco Jose Marco; Uso, Maria Jose Martinez Report 4402
A novel analytical technique to obtain kink solutions for higher order nonlinear fractional evolution equations. Hassan, Qazi Mahmood Ul; Ahmad, Jamshad; Shakeel, Muhammad Report 3416
A novel data-driven fault diagnosis algorithm using multivariate dynamic time warping measure. Mei, Jiangyuan; Hou, Jian; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Huang, Jiarao Report 5945
A novel four-wing hyperchaotic complex system and its complex modified hybrid projective synchronization with different dimensions. Liu, Jian; Liu, Shutang; Zhang, Fangfang Report 5321
A novel kernel for RBF based neural networks. Aftab, Wasim; Moinuddin, Muhammad; Shaikh, Muhammad Shafique Report 5588
A novel research on rough clustering algorithm. Qu, Tao; Lu, Jinyu; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Xu, E. Report 4077
A novel scheduling index rule proposal for QoE maximization in wireless networks. Taboada, Ianire; Liberal, Fidel Report 8556
A novel scheme adaptive hybrid dislocated synchronization for two identical and different memristor chaotic oscillator systems with uncertain parameters. Chen, Jie; Sun, Junwei; Chi, Ming; Cheng, Xin-Ming Report 5251
A numerical method for computing the principal square root of a matrix. Soleymani, F.; Shateyi, S.; Haghani, F. Khaksar Report 4641
A numerical solution for Hirota-Satsuma coupled KdV equation. Ismail, M.S.; Ashi, H.A. Report 3962
A partial robust M-regression-based prediction and fault detection method. Jiao, Jianfang; Zhang, Jingxin; Karimi, Hamid Reza Report 3540
A pseudospectral algorithm for solving multipantograph delay systems on a semi-infinite interval using Legendre rational functions. Doha, E.H.; Baleanu, D.; Bhrawy, A.H.; Hafez, R.M. Report 4484
A QP-free algorithm for finite minimax problems. Han, Daolan; Jian, Jinbao; Zhang, Qinfeng Report 6384
A real representation method for solving Yakubovich-j-conjugate quaternion matrix equation. Song, Caiqin; Feng, Jun-e; Wang, Xiaodong; Zhao, Jianli Report 5056
A reproducing Kernel Hilbert space method for solving systems of fractional integrodifferential equations. Bushnaq, Samia; Maayah, Banan; Momani, Shaher; Alsaedi, Ahmed Report 2392
A series solution for heat conduction problem with phase change in a finite slab. Chiba, Ryoichi Report 4843
A simple exact penalty function method for optimal control problem with continuous inequality constraints. Gao, Xiangyu; Zhang, Xian; Wang, Yantao Report 5811
A simplified predictive control of constrained Markov jump system with mixed uncertainties. Yin, Yanyan; Liu, Yanqing; Karimi, Hamid R. Report 4305
A solution to reconstruct cross-cut shredded text documents based on character recognition and genetic algorithm. Xu, Hedong; Zheng, Jing; Zhuang, Ziwei; Fan, Suohai Report 6725
A stochastic predator-prey system with stage Structure for predator. Zhao, Shufen; Song, Minghui Report 2636
A strange double-deck butterfly chaotic attractor from a permanent magnet synchronous motor with smooth air gap: numerical analysis and experimental observation. Wang, Zhonglin; Cang, Shijian; Wang, Zenghui; Xue, Wei; Chen, Zengqiang Report 4099
A strong convergence algorithm for the two-operator split common fixed point problem in Hilbert spaces. Hong, Chung-Chien; Huang, Young-Ye Report 5972
A study about the integration of the elliptical orbital motion based on a special one-parametric family of anomalies. Orti, Jose Antonio Lopez; Castillo, Francisco Jose Marco; Uso, Maria Jose Martinez Report 5303
A survey of modelling and identification of quadrotor robot. Zhang, Xiaodong; Li, Xiaoli; Wang, Kang; Lu, Yanjun Report 12091
A switched approach to robust stabilization of multiple coupled networked control systems. Yu, Mei; Ding, Nan; Tan, Wen; Yu, Junyan Report 5158
A total variation model based on the strictly convex modification for image denoising. Wu, Boying; Ogada, Elisha Achieng; Sun, Jiebao; Guo, Zhichang Report 9487
A variance shift model for detection of outliers in the linear measurement error model. Babadi, Babak; Rasekh, Abdolrahman; Rasekhi, Ali Akbar; Zare, Karim; Zadkarami, Mohammad Reza Report 5376
A weighted voting classifier based on differential evolution. Zhang, Yong; Zhang, Hongrui; Cai, Jing; Yang, Binbin Report 3968
Adaptive backstepping control based on floating offshore high temperature superconductor generator for wind turbines. Yang, Feng; Li, Sheng-shan; Wang, Lei; Zuo, Shan; Song, Qing-wang Report 4823
Adaptive backstepping control for a class of uncertain nonaffine nonlinear time-varying delay systems with unknown dead-zone nonlinearity. Zhou, Wei-Dong; Liao, Cheng-Yi; Zheng, Lan Report 7873
Adaptive control of nonlinear discrete-time systems by using OS-ELM neural networks. Li, Xiao-Li; Jia, Chao; Liu, De-Xin; Ding, Da-Wei Report 5697
Adaptive evolution of virulence-related traits in a susceptible-infected model with treatment. Meng, Xinzhu; Yang, Yang; Zhao, Shengnan Report 4820
Adaptive fault-tolerant tracking control of nonaffine nonlinear systems with actuator failure. Zhou, Hongcheng; Xu, Dezhi; Wang, Daobo; Ge, Le Report 4494
Adaptive heterogeneous autoregressive models of realized volatility based on a genetic algorithm. Qu, Hui; Ji, Ping Report 5284
Adaptive output feedback stabilization of nonholonomic systems with nonlinear parameterization. Shang, Yanling; Yuan, Ye; Yuan, Fushun Report 5056
Adaptive predictive control: a data-driven closed-loop subspace identification approach. Luo, Xiaosuo; Song, Yongduan Report 6549
Adjacent-compensation consensus algorithm in asynchronously coupled form for second-order multiagent network under communication delay. Liu, Cheng-Lin; Liu, Fei Report 3841
Agent-based model to study and quantify the evolution dynamics of Android malware infection. Alegre-Sanahuja, Juan; Camacho, Javier; Lopez, Juan Carlos Cortes; Santonja, Francisco-Jose; Mico, R Report 6673
Almost periodic solution of a modified Leslie-Gower predator-prey model with Beddington-DeAngelis functional response and feedback controls. Zhang, Kerong; Li, Jianli; Yu, Aiwen Report 3105
An adaptive approach to solutions of Fredholm integral equations of the second kind. Korkmaz, Nebiye; Guney, Zekeriya Report 7431
An adaptive estimation scheme for open-circuit voltage of power lithium-ion battery. Zhang, Yun; Zhang, Chenghui; Cui, Naxin Report 2837
An adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control design for a class of uncertain horizontal platform systems. Xiang, Wei; Liu, Xiejin Report 3335
An adaptive nonconforming finite element algorithm for Laplace eigenvalue problem. Yu, Yuanyuan; Yang, Yidu; Han, Jiayu Report 6696
An adaptive regulator for space teleoperation system in task space. Ge, Chao; Zhang, Weiwei; Wang, Hong; Li, Xiaoyi Report 3740
An algorithm for computing geometric mean of two hermitian positive definite matrices via matrix sign. Soleymani, F.; Sharifi, M.; Shateyi, S.; Haghani, F. Khaksar Report 3724
An alternative variational framework for image denoising. Ogada, Elisha Achieng; Guo, Zhichang; Wu, Boying Report 9879
An analysis of relationship among income inequality, poverty, and income mobility, based on distribution functions. Chen, Jiandong; Si, Yaqing; Li, Fengying; Zhao, Aifeng Report 7865
An analytical solution for effect of magnetic field and initial stress on an infinite generalized thermoelastic rotating nonhomogeneous diffusion medium. Mahmoud, S. R. Report 4580
An approach to the concept of soft fuzzy proximity. Cetkin, Vildan; Sostak, Alexander P.; Aygun, Halis Report 9942
An averaging principle for stochastic differential delay equations with fractional Brownian motion. Xu, Yong; Pei, Bin; Li, Yongge Report 4628
An efficient approach to numerical study of the MRLW equation with B-spline collocation method. Karakoc, Seydi Battal Gazi; Ak, Turgut; Zeybek, Halil Report 6879
An efficient collocation method for a class of boundary value problems arising in mathematical physics and geometry. Bhrawy, A.H.; Alofi, A.S.; Van Gorder, R.A. Report 6332
An efficient computation of effective ground range using an oblate earth model. Maturi, Dalal A.; Ullah, Malik Zaka; Ahmad, Shahid; Ahmad, Fayyaz Report 4575
An existence theorem for fractional hybrid differential inclusions of Hadamard type with Dirichlet boundary conditions. Ahmad, Bashir; Ntouyas, Sotiris K. Report 4640
An exploration of the range of noise intensity that affects the membrane potential of neurons. Wang, Rubin; Wang, Guanzheng; Zheng, Jinchao Report 4424
An extension of hypercyclicity for N-linear operators. Bes, Juan; Conejero, J. Alberto Report 8736
An implement of FPGA based PCI controller device and improvement of DDA arc interpolation. Zhang, Zhengjie; Yu, Zhandong Report 4527
An implementable first-order primal-dual algorithm for structured convex optimization. Ma, Feng; Ni, Mingfang; Zhu, Lei; Yu, Zhanke Report 5866
An improved adaptive tracking controller of permanent magnet synchronous motor. Nguyen, Tat-Bao-Thien; Liao, Teh-Lu; Kuo, Hang-Hong; Yan, Jun-Juh Report 5594
An improved differential evolution algorithm for maritime collision avoidance route planning. Zhao, Yu-xin; Li, Wang; Feng, Shaojun; Ochieng, Washington Y.; Schuster, Wolfgang Report 6261
An improved differential evolution method based on the dynamic search strategy to solve dynamic economic dispatch problem with valve-point effects. Chen, Guangyu; Ding, Xiaoqun Report 11638
An improved internal model principle based multivariable nonlinear control method with multiclass nonharmonic disturbances and its application to speed control of a motor drive system. Yu, Yang; Mi, Zengqiang; Zhao, Tong; Xu, Yikun Report 4955
An intelligence optimized rolling grey forecasting model fitting to small economic dataset. Liu, Li; Wang, Qianru; Liu, Ming; Li, Lian Report 6954
An optimized forecasting approach based on grey theory and cuckoo search algorithm: a case study for electricity consumption in New South Wales. Jiang, Ping; Zhou, Qingping; Jiang, Haiyan; Dong, Yao Case study 8310
An SIRS model for assessing impact of media coverage. Cui, Jing'an; Wu, Zhanmin Report 3193
Analysis of a chaotic memristor based oscillator. Setoudeh, F.; Sedigh, A. Khaki; Dousti, M. Report 3015
Analysis of a mathematical model of emerging infectious disease leading to amphibian decline. Dur-e-Ahmad, Muhammad; Imran, Mudassar; Khan, Adnan Report 8315
Analysis of a patch model for the dynamical transmission of echinococcosis. Wang, Kai; Zhang, Xueliang; Teng, Zhidong; Wang, Lei; Zhang, Liping Report 6492
Analysis of product sampling for new product diffusion incorporating multiple-unit ownership. Hu, Zhineng; Pei, Yurong; Xie, Ruikun Report 7033
Analysis of the properties of adjoint equations and accuracy verification of adjoint model based on FVM. Chen, Yaodeng; Zhang, Ruizhi; Gao, Yufang; Lu, Changna Report 4586
Analytic and approximate solutions of the space-time fractional Schrodinger equations by homotopy perturbation Sumudu transform method. Hamed, Sara H.M.; Yousif, Eltayeb A.; Arbab, Arbab I. Report 5255
Analytic formulation for the sound absorption of a panel absorber under the effects of microperforation, air pumping, linear vibration and nonlinear vibration. Lee, Y.Y. Report 6499
Analytic solution for the RL electric circuit model in fractional order. Shah, P.V.; Patel, A.D.; Salehbhai, I.A.; Shukla, A.K. Report 2289
Analytical investigation of laminar viscoelastic fluid flow over a wedge in the presence of buoyancy force effects. Rostami, B.; Rashidi, M.M.; Rostami, P.; Momoniat, E.; Freidoonimehr, N. Report 5627
Analytical solutions of a space-time fractional derivative of groundwater flow equation. Atangana, Abdon; Vermeulen, P.D. Report 5502
Analytical solutions of fractional differential equations using the convenient Adomian series. Shi, Xiang-Chao; Huang, Lan-Lan; Deng, Zhen-Guo; Liu, Dan Report 2117
Analytical solutions of the one-dimensional heat equations arising in fractal transient conduction with local fractional derivative. Yang, Ai-Ming; Cattani, Carlo; Jafari, Hossein; Yang, Xiao-Jun Report 3161
Analytical study of fractional-order multiple chaotic FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons model using multistep generalized differential transform method. Momani, Shaher; Freihat, Asad; Smadi, Mohammed Al- Report 3743
Annual energy consumption forecasting based on psoca-grnn model. Zhao, Huiru; Guo, Sen Report 6546
Antimicrobial resistance within host: a population dynamics view. Huang, Chunji; Fan, Aijun Report 2568
AP deployment research based on physical distance and channel isolation. Yan, Dangui; Zhang, Chengchang; Liao, Honghua; Yang, Lisheng; Li, Ping; Yang, Guogang Report 4206
Application of Daftardar Jafari method to first grade MHD squeezing fluid flow in a porous medium with slip boundary condition. Ullah, Inayat; Rahim, M.T.; Khan, Hamid Report 4652
Application of extended homotopy analysis method to the two-degree-of-freedom coupled van der Pol-Duffing oscillator. Qian, Y.H.; Chen, S.M.; Shen, L. Report 3364
Application of local fractional series expansion method to solve Klein-Gordon equations on cantor sets. Yang, Ai-Min; Zhang, Yu-Zhu; Cattani, Carlo; Xie, Gong-Nan; Rashidi, Mohammad Mehdi; Zhou, Yi-Jun; Y Report 2115
Application of variational iteration method for dropping damage evaluation of the suspension spring packaging system. Song, Shuang; Duan, Ning-ning; Chen, An-jun Report 2826
Applications of the novel (G'/G)-expansion method for a time fractional simplified modified Camassa-Holm (MCH) equation. Shakeel, Muhammad; Ul-Hassan, Qazi Mahmood; Ahmad, Jamshad Report 4795
Applying data clustering feature to speed up ant colony optimization. Pang, Chao-Yang; Hu, Ben-Qiong; Zhang, Jie; Hu, Wei; Shan, Zheng-Chao Report 5607
Approximate analytic solutions of transient nonlinear heat conduction with temperature-dependent thermal diffusivity. Mustafa, M.T.; Arif, A.F.M.; Masood, Khalid Report 5888
Approximate solutions by truncated Taylor series expansions of nonlinear differential equations and related shadowing property with applications. De la Sen, M.; Ibeas, A.; Nistal, R. Report 9229
Approximate solutions of fractional Riccati equations using the Adomian decomposition method. Wu, Fei; Huang, Lan-Lan Report 1933
Approximating the matrix sign function using a novel iterative method. Soleymani, F.; Stanimirovic, P.S.; Shateyi, S.; Haghani, F. Khaksar Report 5613
Approximation by certain linear positive operators of two variables. Gazanfer, Afsin Kursat; Buyukyazici, Ibrahim Report 3063
Assessment of an average controller for a DC/DC converter via either a PWM or a sigma-delta-modulator. Silva-Ortigoza, R.; Carrizosa-Corral, F.; Galvez-Gamboa, J.J.; Marcelino- Aranda, M.; Munoz-Carrillo Report 7772
Asymptotic behavior of higher-order quasilinear neutral differential equations. Li, Tongxing; Rogovchenko, Yuriy V. Report 6651
Asymptotic normality of the estimators for fractional Brownian motions with discrete data. Sun, Lin; Yu, Xiaojian; Guan, Xuewei; Meng, Qinghao Report 4148
Automatic defect detection in spring clamp production via machine vision. Zhu, Xia; Chen, Renwen; Zhang, Yulin Report 4849
Automatic gauge control in rolling process based on multiple Smith predictor models. Li, Jiangyun; Wang, Kang; Li, Yang Report 4625
Automorphisms of ordinary differential equations. Tryhuk, Vaclav; Chrastinova, Veronika Report 21136
Backstepping synthesis for feedback control of first-order hyperbolic PDEs with spatial-temporal actuation. Yu, Xin; Xu, Chao; Jiang, Huacheng; Ganesan, Arthi; Zheng, Guojie Report 6647
Behaviors and numerical simulations of malaria dynamic models with transgenic mosquitoes. Liu, Xiongwei; Xu, Junjun; Wang, Xiao; Cheng, Lizhi Report 4555
Bell polynomials approach applied to (2 + 1)-dimensional variable-coefficient Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon-Kotera-Sawada equation. Cheng, Wen-guang; Li, Biao; Chen, Yong Report 3471
Bifurcation analysis and spatiotemporal patterns of nonlinear oscillations in a ring lattice of identical neurons with delayed coupling. Jiang, Jiao; Song, Yongli Report 10841
Bifurcation analysis of a Lotka-Volterra mutualistic system with multiple delays. Meng, Xin-You; Huo, Hai-Feng Report 12218
Bifurcation analysis of a singular bioeconomic model with Allee effect and two time delays. Zhang, Xue; Zhang, Qing-ling; Xiang, Zhongyi Report 4417
Bifurcation analysis of an SIR epidemic model with the contact transmission function. Li, Guihua; Li, Gaofeng Report 4119
Bifurcation approach to analysis of travelling waves in nonlocal hydrodynamic-type models. Shi, Jianping; Li, Jibin Report 5294
Bifurcation of traveling wave solutions of the dual Ito equation. Fan, Xinghua; Li, Shasha Report 4307
Bifurcation structure in a bimodal piecewise linear business cycle model. Avrutin, Viktor; Sushko, Iryna; Tramontana, Fabio Report 7356
Biopsy needle localization and tracking using ROI-RK method. Zhao, Yue; Bernard, Adeline; Cachard, Christian; Liebgott, Herve Report 3654
Bipartite consensus control of multiagent systems on coopetition networks. Hu, Jiangping Report 6338
Blow-up solutions and global solutions to discrete p-Laplacian parabolic equations. Chung, Soon-Yeong; Choi, Min-Jun Report 5669
Boundary recognition by simulating a diffusion process in wireless sensor networks. Gu, De; Wang, Jishuai; Li, Ji Report 5106
Bounded doubly close-to-convex functions. Raducanu, Dorina Report 5138
CAF: cluster algorithm and A-star with fuzzy approach for lifetime enhancement in wireless sensor networks. Yuan, Yali; Li, Caihong; Yang, Yi; Zhang, Xiangliang; Li, Lian Report 10110
Cascading dynamics of heterogenous scale-free networks with recovery mechanism. Li, Shudong; Jia, Zhongtian; Li, Aiping; Li, Lixiang; Liu, Xinran; Yang, Yixian Report 6370
Characterization of consistent completion of reciprocal comparison matrices. Benitez, Julio; Carrion, Laura; Izquierdo, Joaquin; Perez-Garcia, Rafael Report 9404
Choice overload, satisficing behavior, and price distribution in a time allocation model. Alvarez, Francisco; Rey, Jose-Manuel; Sanchis, Raul G. Report 4349
Cluster projective synchronization of fractional-order complex network via pinning control. Yang, Li-xin; He, Wan-sheng; Zhang, Fan-di; Jia, Jin-ping Report 3576
Combination-combination synchronization of four nonlinear complex chaotic systems. Zhou, Xiaobing; Xiong, Lianglin; Cai, Xiaomei Report 3750
Combining interval branch and bound and stochastic search. Bunnag, Dhiranuch Report 11668
Comparison analysis based on the cubic spline wavelet and Daubechies wavelet of harmonic balance method. Gao, Jing Report 2919
Comparison of exact solutions for heat transfer in extended surfaces of different geometries. Moleofane, K.J.; Moitsheki, R.J. Report 3166
Comparison of the finite volume and lattice Boltzmann methods for solving natural convection heat transfer problems inside cavities and enclosures. Goodarzi, M.; Safaei, M.R.; Karimipour, A.; Hooman, K.; Dahari, M.; Kazi, S.N.; Sadeghinezhad, E. Report 4940
Comparison of three measures to promote national fitness in China by mathematical modeling. Tang, Pan; Xu, Daqing; Dai, Qing; Huang, Tingting Report 3009
Complex dynamics of credit risk contagion with time-delay and correlated noises. Chen, Tingqiang; Li, Xindan; He, Jianmin Report 4509
Complexity analysis of a master-slave oligopoly model and chaos control. Ma, Junhai; Zhang, Fang; He, Yanyan Report 5450
Comprehensive influence model of preschool children's personality development based on the Bayesian network. Sun, Yan; He, Mingying; Yang, Lizhu Report 4182
Computation of spectral parameter of discontinuous Dirac systems with a Gaussian multiplier. Tharwat, Mohammed M.; Alghamdi, Mohammed A. Report 6503
Computing the electric and magnetic matrix green's functions in a rectangular parallelepiped with a perfect conducting boundary. Yakhno, V.G.; Ersoy, S. Report 7564
Conditional Lie-Backlund symmetries and reductions of the nonlinear diffusion equations with source. Song, Junquan; Ye, Yujian; Zhang, Danda; Zhang, Jun Report 6309
Consensus for multiagent systems with nonlinear dynamics and time delays using a two-hop relay adaptive method. Cao, Qian; Song, Y.D.; Wang, Lei; Yang, Feng Report 4763
Conservation laws and traveling wave solutions of a generalized nonlinear ZK-BBM equation. Adem, Khadijo Rashid; Khalique, Chaudry Masood Report 2703
Constructing uniform approximate analytical solutions for the blasius problem. Yun, Beong In Report 3934
Construction of fusion frame systems in finite dimensional Hilbert spaces. Leng, Jinsong; Huang, Tingzhu Report 6955
Continuity of the restriction maps on Smirnov classes. Soykan, Yuksel Report 7096
Continuous-time mean-variance portfolio selection under the CEV process. Ma, Hui-qiang Report 5785
Control allocation design of reaction control system for reusable launch vehicle. Mu, Rongjun; Zhang, Xin Report 4764
Control of discrete event systems by means of discrete optimization and disjunctive colored PNs: application to manufacturing facilities. Latorre-Biel, Juan-Ignacio; Jimenez-Macias, Emilio; de la Parte, Mercedes Perez; Blanco-Fernandez, J Report 12352
Control of Hopf bifurcation and chaos in a delayed Lotka-Volterra predator-prey system with time-delayed feedbacks. Zhao, Huitao; Sun, Yaowei; Wang, Zhen Report 5049
Convergence analysis of incomplete biquadratic rectangular element for Fourth-Order singular perturbation problem on Anisotropic meshes. Xie, Pingli; Hu, Meng Report 6272
Convergence of numerical solution of generalized Theodorsen's nonlinear integral equation. Nasser, Mohamed M.S. Report 5285
Convergence properties and fixed points of two general iterative schemes with composed maps in Banach spaces with applications to guaranteed global stability. De la Sen, Manuel; Ibeas, Asier Report 10531
Convertible bonds with higher loan rate: model, valuation, and optimal strategy. Wang, Haiyang; Wu, Zhen Report 6738
Convex combination inequalities of the line and plane. Pavic, Zlatko; Wu, Shanhe; Klaric, Stefanija Report 4734
Convexity properties for certain classes of analytic functions associated with an integral operator. Wongsaijai, Ben; Sukantamala, Nattakorn Report 4904
Cost-sensitive support vector machine using randomized dual coordinate descent method for big class-imbalanced data classification. Tang, Mingzhu; Yang, Chunhua; Zhang, Kang; Xie, Qiyue Report 5249
Cusped and smooth solitons for the generalized Camassa-Holm equation on the nonzero constant pedestal. Li, Dong; Xie, Yongan; Tang, Shengqiang Report 5443
Cyclic ([phi])-contractions in uniform spaces and related fixed point results. Hussain, N.; Karapinar, E.; Sedghi, S.; Shobkolaei, N.; Firouzian, S. Report 6351
Decentralized [H.sub.[infinity]] control for uncertain interconnected systems of neutral type via dynamic output feedback. Hu, Heli; Zhao, Dan Report 3577
Derivation of conservation laws for the magma equation using the multiplier method: power law and exponential law for permeability and viscosity. Mindu, N.; Mason, D.P. Report 7522
Derivatives of meromorphic functions with multiple zeros and small functions. Yang, Pai; Niu, Peiyan Report 10056
Design and study of cognitive network physical layer simulation platform. An, Yongli; Wang, Dong; Xiao, Yang Technical report 5680
Determining the first probability density function of linear random initial value problems by the random variable transformation (RVT) technique: a comprehensive study. Casaban, M.-C.; Cortes, J.-C.; Romero, J.-V.; Rosello, M.-D. Report 12955
Determining the Lyapunov spectrum of continuous-time 1D and 2D multiscroll chaotic oscillators via the solution of m-PWL variational equations. Munoz-Pacheco, Jesus Manuel; Gomez-Pavon, Luz del Carmen; Felix-Beltran, Olga Guadalupe; Luis-Ramos, Report 5979
Deterministic echo state networks based stock price forecasting. Dan, Jingpei; Guo, Wenbo; Shi, Weiren; Fang, Bin; Zhang, Tingping Report 4152
Different approximations to the solution of upper-convected Maxwell fluid over a porous stretching plate. Marinca, Vasile; Ene, Remus-Daniel; Marinca, Bogdan; Negrea, Romeo Report 6346
Differential game for a class of warfare dynamic systems with reinforcement based on Lanchester equation. Chen, Xiangyong; Qiu, Jianlong Report 4654
Dimensionality reduction by weighted connections between neighborhoods. Xie, Fuding; Fan, Yutao; Zhou, Ming Report 3469
Dimensions of fractals generated by bi-Lipschitz maps. Deng, Qi-Rong; Ngai, Sze-Man Report 8478
Direct adaptive tracking control for a class of pure-feedback stochastic nonlinear systems based on fuzzy-approximation. Wang, Huanqing; Liu, Xiaoping; Zhou, Qi; Karimi, Hamid Reza Report 6582
Direct time domain numerical analysis of transient behavior of a VLFS during unsteady external loads in wave condition. Cheng, Yong; Zhai, Gang-jun; Ou, Jin-ping Report 7767
Discontinuous Galerkin immersed finite volume element method for anisotropic flow models in porous medium. Liu, Zhong-yan; Chen, Huan-zhen Report 4484
Discrete-time event-triggered control of nonlinear wireless networked control systems. Hu, Songlin; Yue, Dong; Shi, Min; Xie, Xiangpeng Report 9460
Discretized Lyapunov function approach for switched linear systems under dwell time constraint. Zhao, Yongchi; Zhuang, Shengxian; Xiang, Weiming; Du, Lin Report 8014
Discussion on [alpha] - [psi] contractions on generalized metric spaces. Karapinar, Erdal Report 5210
Dissipative nonlinear Schrodinger equation for envelope solitary Rossby waves with dissipation effect in stratified fluids and its solution. Shi, Yunlong; Yin, Baoshu; Yang, Hongwei; Yang, Dezhou; Xu, Zhenhua Report 3575
Distortion of quasiregular mappings and equivalent norms on Lipschitz-type spaces. Mateljevic, Miodrag Report 21590
Double grazing periodic motions and bifurcations in a vibroimpact system with bilateral stops. Li, Qunhong; Wei, Limei; Tan, Jieyan; Xi, Jiezhen Report 6027
Double periodic wave solutions of the (2 + 1)-dimensional Sawada-Kotera equation. Zhao, Zhonglong; Zhang, Yufeng; Xia, Tiecheng Report 3328
Dynamic analysis and chaos of the 4D fractional-order power system. Sun, Fengyun; Li, Qin Report 2194
Dynamic analysis of nonlinear impulsive neutral nonautonomous differential equations with delays. Li, Jinxian Report 3298
Dynamic behaviors of a discrete Lotka-Volterra competition system with infinite delays and single feedback control. Zhao, Liang; Xie, Xiangdong; Yang, Liya; Chen, Fengde Report 6855
Dynamic communities in stock market. Gui, Xiangquan; Li, Li; Cao, Jie; Li, Lian Report 4420
Dynamic neural network identification and decoupling control approach for MIMO time-varying nonlinear systems. Shen, Zhixi; Zhao, Kai Report 5352
Dynamical behavior and stability analysis in a hybrid epidemiological-economic model with incubation. Liu, Chao; Yue, Wenquan; Liu, Peiyong Report 12581
Dynamical behavior and stability analysis in a stage-structured prey predator model with discrete delay and distributed delay. Liu, Chao; Zhang, Qingling Report 8619
Dynamical behavior of a rumor transmission model with psychological effect in emergency event. Huo, Liang'an; Lin, Tingting; Huang, Peiqing Report 6998
Dynamical behavior of a stochastic food-chain system with Beddington-DeAngelis functional response. Ge, Yanming; Song, Zigen Report 4910
Dynamical behavior of the stochastic delay mutualism system. Xia, Peiyan; Jiang, Daqing; Li, Xiaoyue Report 5578
Dynamical behaviors of rumor spreading model with control measures. Zhao, Xia-Xia; Wang, Jian-Zhong Report 4206
Dynamical models of interactions between herds forage and water resources in Sahelian region. Tewa, Jean Jules; Bah, Alassane; Noutchie, Suares Clovis Oukouomi Report 7005
Dynamics and biocontrol: the indirect effects of a predator population on a host-vector disease model. Zhou, Fengyan; Yao, Hongxing Report 8762
Dynamics and motivations of media marketing: the role of globalization and empowerment. Colapinto, Cinzia; Benecchi, Eleonora Report 7548
Dynamics of a predator-prey system with a mate-finding Allee effect. Wu, Ruiwen; Liu, Xiuxiang Report 6799
Dynamics of a predator-prey system with Beddington-DeAngelis functional response and delays. Liu, Nai-Wei; Kong, Ting-Ting Report 4567
Dynamics of a stochastic cooperative predator-prey system with Beddington-DeAngelis functional response. Huang, Dongwei; Li, Yu; Guo, Yongfeng Report 4585
Dynamics of a stochastic delayed competitive model with impulsive toxicant input in polluted environments. Deng, Meiling; Liu, Meng; Bai, Chuanzhi Report 4523
Dynamics of a stochastic functional system for wastewater treatment. Ji, Xuehui; Yuan, Sanling Report 7414
Dynamics of a stochastic SIS epidemic model with saturated incidence. Chen, Can; Kang, Yanmei Report 6402
Dynamics of a viral infection model with general contact rate between susceptible cells and virus particles. Dai, Chenxi; Ma, Cui; Song, Lijuan; Wang, Kaifa Report 3083
Dynamics of almost periodic bam neural networks with neutral delays. Li, Yaqin Report 3498
Dynamics of an almost periodic food chain system with impulsive effects. Li, Yaqin; Wu, Wenquan; Zhang, Tianwei Report 4717
Dynamics of an information spreading model with isolation. Zhao, Xia-Xia; Wang, Jian-Zhong Report 3402
Dynamics of the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water interaction across the insect spiracle. Simelane, S.M.; Abelman, S.; Duncan, F.D. Report 7397
Dynamics of the zeros of analytic continued (h, q)-Euler polynomials. Ryoo, C.S. Report 3455
Effect of awareness programs on the epidemic outbreaks with time delay. Zuo, Lixia; Liu, Maoxing Report 4899
Effect of the velocity second slip boundary condition on the peristaltic flow of nanofluids in an asymmetric channel: exact solution. Aly, Emad H.; Ebaid, Abdelhalim Report 4882
Effects of time-varying impulses on the synchronization of delayed dynamical networks. Cai, Shuiming; Zhou, Peipei; Liu, Zengrong Report 5936
Eigenvalue based approach for global consensus in multiagent systems with nonlinear dynamics. Qian, Wei; Wang, Lei Report 3690
Empirical mode decomposition combined with local linear quantile regression for automatic boundary correction. Jaber, Abobaker M.; Ismail, Mohd Tahir; Altaher, Alssaidi M. Report 5565
Energy management strategy based on the driving cycle model for plugin hybrid electric vehicles. Fu, Xiaoling; Wang, Huixuan; Cui, Naxin; Zhang, Chenghui Report 3527
Epidemic model of leptospirosis containing fractional order. Khan, Muhammad Altaf; Saddiq, S.F.; Islam, Saeed; Khan, Ilyas; Ching, Dennis Ling Chuan Report 3627
Equilibrium asset and option pricing under jump-diffusion model with stochastic volatility. Ruan, Xinfeng; Zhu, Wenli; Li, Shuang; Huang, Jiexiang Report 6007
Equilibrium point bifurcation and singularity analysis of HH model with constraint. Zhu, Xinhe; Wu, Zhiqiang Report 2585
Equivolumetric evolution of planar curves. Moon, Hwan Pyo Report 4306
Error analysis of some demand simplifications in hydraulic models of water supply networks. Izquierdo, Joaquin; Campbell, Enrique; Montalvo, Idel; Perez-Garcia, Rafael; Ayala-Cabrera, David Report 7353
Estimates of initial coefficients for bi-univalent functions. Zaprawa, Pawel Report 3544
Euler polynomials and combinatoric convolution sums of divisor functions with even indices. Kim, Daeyeoul; Bayad, Abdelmejid; Park, Joongsoo Report 2098
Evaluating the risk of metabolic syndrome based on an artificial intelligence model. Chen, Hui; Xiong, Shenghua; Ren, Xuan Report 9711
Event-based [H.sub.[infinity]] filter design for sensor networks with missing measurements. Liu, Jinliang; Fei, Shumin; Tian, Engang Report 4195
Event-triggered control for multiagent systems with the problem of packet losses and communication delays when using the second-order neighbors' information. Yan, Chuan; Yu, Mei; Xie, Guangming; Liu, Yu Report 4715
Exact and analytic-numerical solutions of lagging models of heat transfer in a semi-infinite medium. Castro, M.A.; Rodriguez, F.; Escolano, J.; Martin, J.A. Report 2845
Exact boundary controller design for a kind of enhanced oil recovery models. Guo, Ping; Wei, Changhua; Xiong, Wenjun; Zhao, Chunlan Report 7189
Exact solution for long-term size exclusion suspension-colloidal transport in porous media. You, Z.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Kuzmina, L. Report 5068
Exact solution for non-self-similar wave-interaction problem during two-phase four-component flow in porous media. Borazjani, S.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Farajzadeh, R. Report 6771
Existence and global exponential stability of equilibrium for impulsive cellular neural network models with piecewise alternately advanced and retarded argument. Chiu, Kuo-Shou Report 7218
Existence of traveling wave solutions for cholera model. Zhang, Tianran; Gou, Qingming; Wang, Xiaoli Report 9150
Explicit deconvolution of well test data dominated by wellbore storage. Razminia, K.; Hashemi, A.; Razminia, A.; Baleanu, D. Report 6474
Exploring the best classification from average feature combination. Hou, Jian; Liu, Wei-Xue; Karimi, Hamid Reza Report 3894
Exponential stability analysis for genetic regulatory networks with both time-varying and continuous distributed delays. Yin, Lizi; Liu, Yungang Report 4072
Exponential stability of BAM fuzzy cellular neural networks with time-varying delays in leakage terms and impulses. Li, Yongkun; Li, Youqin Report 3772
Exponential stability of coupled systems on networks with mixed delays and reaction-diffusion terms. Li, Wenxue; Chen, Tianrui; Wang, Ke Report 4887
Exponential stability of periodic solutions for inertial type BAM Cohen-Grossberg neural networks. Miao, Chunfang; Ke, Yunquan Report 5844
Exponential synchronization of two nonlinearly coupled complex networks with time-varying delayed dynamical nodes. Shao, Wei Report 3887
Extended nonsingular terminal sliding surface for second-order nonlinear systems. Jeong, Ji Wung; Yeon, Ho Suk; Park, Kang-Bak Report 2713
Faber-Schauder wavelet sparse grid approach for option pricing with transactions cost. Mei, Shu-Li Report 4640
Fault detection for wireless network control systems with stochastic uncertainties and time delays. Zhang, Jie; Guo, Pengfei; Lyu, Ming; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Bo, Yuming Report 4352
Fault detection for wireless networked control systems with stochastic switching topology and time delay. Guo, Pengfei; Zhang, Jie; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Liu, Yurong; Wang, Yunji; Bo, Yuming Report 5612
Fault detection for wireless networked control systems with stochastic uncertainties and multiple time delays. Rong, Lina; Yu, Chengda; Guo, Pengfei; Gao, Hui Report 2114
Feedforward and feedback control performance assessment for nonlinear systems. Wang, Zhiguo; Chen, Jun Report 6965
Feedforward and feedback vibration control and algorithm design for cable-bridge structure nonlinear systems. Liang, Yan-Jun; Wu, Shi-Liang; Gao, De-Xin; Xue, Xiao-Rong Report 3990
Finite time stability of stochastic hybrid systems. Yang, Ying; Chen, Guopei Report 6018
Finite-horizon robust kalman filter for uncertain attitude estimation system with star sensor measurement delays. Qian, Hua-Ming; Huang, Wei; Liu, Biao Report 6761
Finite-time [H.sub.[infinity]] control for a class of discrete-time Markov jump systems with actuator saturation via dynamic antiwindup design. Zhao, Junjie; Wang, Jing; Li, Bo Report 4150
Finite-time [H.sub.[infinity]] control for time-delayed stochastic systems with Markovian switching. Gao, Wenhua; Deng, Feiqi; Zhang, Ruiqiu; Liu, Wenhui Report 5217
Finite-time [l.sub.1]-gain control for positive switched systems with time-varying delay via delta operator approach. Li, Shuo; Xiang, Zhengrong; Karimi, Hamid Reza Report 6526
Finite-time boundedness analysis for a class of switched linear systems with time-varying delay. Zhong, Yanke; Chen, Tefang Report 2758
Finite-time chaos control of a complex permanent magnet synchronous motor system. Zhou, Xiaobing; Jiang, Murong; Cai, Xiaomei Report 3251
Finite-time control for attitude tracking maneuver of rigid satellite. Huo, Mingyi; Huo, Xing; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Ni, Jianfei Report 7259
Finite-time distributed energy-to-peak control for uncertain multiagent systems. Chenggang, Qu; Xibin, Cao; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Zhuo, Zhang; Zexu, Zhang Report 5121
Finite-time observer based cooperative tracking control of networked Lagrange systems. Chen, Gang; Lin, Qing Report 5911
Finite-time stability and stabilization of Ito-type stochastic singular systems. Yan, Zhiguo; Zhang, Weihai Report 6351
Finite-time synchronizing control for chaotic neural networks. Zhang, Chao; Guo, Qiang; Wang, Jing Report 5112
Finite-time terminal sliding mode tracking control for piezoelectric actuators. Li, Jin; Yang, Liu Report 4919
Fixed point method to analyze differences between Hipparcos and ICRF2. Uso, Maria Jose Martinez; Castillo, Francisco J. Marco; Orti, Jose Antonio Lopez Report 5101
Fixed point theorems for a class of [alpha]-admissible contractions and applications to boundary value problem. Alsulami, Hamed H.; Gulyaz, Selma; Karapinar, Erdal; Erhan, Inci M. Report 7375
Forecasting Latin America's country risk scores by means of a dynamic diffusion model. Cervello-Royo, R.; Cortes, J.-C.; Sanchez-Sanchez, A.; Santonja, F.-J.; Villanueva, R.-J. Report 6285
Formal and executable specification of random waypoint mobility model using timed coloured Petri nets for WMN. Khan, Naeem Akhtar; Ahmad, Farooq; Khan, Sher Afzal Report 5491
Fractal dynamical model of vehicular traffic flow within the local fractional conservation laws. Wang, Long-Fei; Yang, Xiao-Jun; Baleanu, Dumitru; Cattani, Carlo; Zhao, Yang Report 2681
Fractional order models of industrial pneumatic controllers. Razminia, Abolhassan; Baleanu, Dumitru Report 4519
Function spaces with bounded [L.sup.p] means and their continuous functionals. Picardello, Massimo A. Report 23098
Further properties of trees with minimal atom-bond connectivity index. Liu, Jianping; Chen, Jinsong Report 6252
Fuzzy modeling and control for a class of inverted pendulum system. Zhang, Liang; Chang, Xiaoheng; Karimi, Hamid Reza Report 2991
Fuzzy pruning based LS-SVM modeling development for a fermentation process. Xiong, Weili; Zhang, Wei; Liu, Dengfeng; Xu, Baoguo Report 3776
General output feedback stabilization for fractional order systems: an LMI approach. Wei, Yiheng; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Liang, Shu; Gao, Qing; Wang, Yong Report 5159
Generalized almost convergence and core theorems of double sequences. Mohiuddine, S.A.; Alotaibi, Abdullah Report 4602
Generalized bilinear differential operators, binary bell polynomials, and exact periodic wave solution of Boiti-Leon-Manna-Pempinelli equation. Dong, Huanhe; Zhang, Yanfeng; Zhang, Yongfeng; Yin, Baoshu Report 2838

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